Rehnquist Dead; Roberts Promoted to Replace

SCOTUS Roberts nomination promotionIt’s hard to really focus on something as contextually trivial as the SCOTUS right now, but we’ve had our ears to the ground none the less. In fact the jokes tying the two together are already flowing:

[Rehnquist]’s actually been dead for 4 days but FEMA just found him.

Bush moved so quickly in nominating John Roberts to replace Chief Justice William Rehniquist, but others seem bent on raising questions about Roberts’s qualifications. [No experience, too young, no leadership] may be a problem, but there’s a resume fix, an experience so profound that it magically qualifies one for any federal appointment available. The Bush administration just needs find a horse association for the guy to run for a couple weeks. . .

On a more serious note, it seems that the most pissed recipients of Roberts as Chief Justice may be… the other Justices, as some of the other experienced Justices may feel slighted for not being chosen for promotion. SCOTUSblog thinks there may need to be a new nomination and confirmation process due to the de facto and legal differences of the two position, even if Roberts is still the nominee.

Regardless, this probably will be back-burner news for a while unless there’s some really interesting twist.

Stephen VanDyke

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