Real ID Senate Vote: The Preview

This about sums up what’s going to take place. Note the first senator:

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton of New York calls the immigration measures known as REAL ID seriously flawed. She says she’s outraged that Republicans attached it to a bill meant to fund troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

A spokesman for Senator John Corzine of New Jersey says the issues in REAL ID should get a full debate – they don’t belong in the spending bill. But both plan to vote for the bill because they don’t want to withhold funding from the troops.

This whole “support the troops” Catch-22 with this bill is really making everyone’s head asplode.

UPDATE: Unanimous approval in the Senate. The next logical step should be to mount a campaign to fling that unAmerican cunt Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) out of office in 2006.

FLASHBACK: Contrast this 100-0 Senate vote with the 100% approval vote for Saddam Hussein prior to the Iraq invasion. I bet those that voted against would clearly have risked being labelled “unIraqi” and many Iraqi pundits would have wondered “why do they hate Iraq?”

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. It’s unfortunate that our freedom is ripped from us based on legislation that is for the benefit of our troops. This merely pulls the wool further over the eyes of the ignorant voter.

  2. This is wrong that the Republicans attached it to a spending bill but the Senate should never violate the constitution and the American people by taking there rights away. We are often told our troops are dying for the flag, our freedom etc. but when they are used to take our rights away I think we are being lied to.

  3. Asd I have written before, this passage is a travesty committed against Americans by those who would claim to represent us. It’s a clear indication that they no longer want their cushy little jobs and want to be replaced.

    I say start with the 06 elections and take the next step by putting someone who cares about liberty in the white house in 2008. Visit to persuade Jesse Ventura to take the presidency back in 2008.