Real ID Rebellion: This might be “chatter”

Driver's License Bin LadenWell, I’ve seen this website — Real ID Rebellion — popping up a few times around the libertarian blogosphere, and it seems to be growing in stature pretty quickly. It’s a simple Blogger set-up with an angsty white-on-black background vibe featuring links to discussions on how to thwart Real ID (as if you expected anything less from a reactionary libertarian website?).

Which is where I found a link to Thomas Knapp’s ruminations on leading a shadowy life outside of the system, smoking cigarettes in dimly lit alleys and hawking stolen kidneys for gold coins in order to pay the rent:

Avoid doing business with people who demand government-issued ID — including, where possible, banks (you may want to get an offshore account), federalized mass transit services such as Amtrak and the airlines, etc. Use cash, gold or electronic currencies where you can. Buy a pre-loaded debit card that can be reloaded on the Internet or at local kiosks — and buy it before you’re required to present your new internal passport for the privilege of doing so. If possible, get it with a fake name (if you’re doing that, don’t reload it over the Internet from home, with a card that has your real name on it, etc. — keep it completely de-linked from your real identity. Use it to get cash from ATMS rather than to make over-the-counter purchases that might result in ID checks).

Now, while I think Tom is coming from the right place and there should clearly be resistance to the government’s increasingly overbearing intrusions into private lives, I have to wonder if it wouldn’t be easier for an angry crowd of privacy advocates to raze the local DMV or for a Revelations-tweaked religious nut to lob a molotov or two. Has anyone coined the term privoterrorist yet?

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Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Hi, Stephen, and thanks for the comments on the Real ID Rebellion blog, which I launched. Just to be clear on a couple of points: the site isn’t intended to be angsty or to appeal only to libertarians. The current look is simply a slightly-modified Blogger template, and will be replaced with something better when I can snatch a few minutes for coding. But I’m busy with other things in addition to that site, and so are the other contributors, so progress is slower than I’d like.

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