Rational Review Fundraiser

As some of you know, Thomas Knapp (aka Kn@ppster) and I are friends. Long before we ever met, I was using one of his projects, Rational Review News Digest, as my primary news source. I still do, and even use the syndicated feed on a lot of my websites. In addition to news (and original commentary) from a uniquely libertarian perspective, they also run these auxiliary publications:

* Progressive News Digest
* Second Amendment News Digest
* Liberty Activist News Digest

Right now, they are in fundraising mode, and could use your help. I’ll cut and paste why after the jump.
I’m sending RRND a few bucks tonight. They take everything from cash to e-gold. Here is the message from Knapp:

RRND — 4th quarter fundraiser
Update, 12/09/05 –Total for yesterday: $60 from two donors (thanks, R and L!). Total to date: $808 toward our $3,000 overall goal for 2005’s 4th quarter. Next interim goal: Topping $1,000 by Monday. If you’ve been thinking about supporting RRND/FND but waiting to do so, now’s the time!
Remember the bad old days when nearly every issue of Rational Review News Digest and Freedom News Daily was accompanied by a fundraising plea? Those days are gone — but we still rely on reader support to continue publishing. Now, we come to you once per quarter, with a specified goal.
We can do this for several reasons. One is that our association with The International Association for Individual Liberty produces a regular revenue stream (about 1/4th of what our business plan calls for). Another is that a few of our stalwart supporters regularly contribute about another 5% of the money we need to do this work, and we make another 5% or so from advertising. Thanks to ISIL and to those readers who’ve made a continuing or repeated commitment to the continued publication of our newsletters!
Our goal this year has been to get total revenues up to about half of what our business plan says we need to be making. For the sake of simplicity, that goal is $3,000 per quarter.
We haven’t made that goal in any quarter yet, but we’re hopeful.
The graphic to the left illustrates our goal for the 4th quarter of 2005, and the progress we hope to make toward it. As soon as we hit the little gold dot at the top — representing $3,000 in contributions — this story will disappear from the top of every edition of RRND and FND.
We work every day to bring you a valuable news and commentary roundup. Our fundraisers are our modest request that our readers return a bit of value for value received. So please, pony up the amount that you think the publication is worth! It’s easy:
1) Contributions received by PayPal or E-Gold (links in the sidebar of every page at Rational Review will be counted toward our goal (and we’ll update the “thermometer” graphic frequently to show the progress).
2) If you’d like tax deductibility, please contribute to ISIL’s Free-Market.Net project (about halfway down this page. These donations won’t show up in the fundraising stats, because we don’t receive daily fundraising reports from ISIL — but we still appreciate the support!
3) If you’d like to send cash, checks, money orders, fine gemstones, gold bullion, original Van Goghs or cases of Smack Ramen, email me for how to do so. Anything received during this fundraiser will be counted in our statistics.
As always, THANK YOU for your continued support — and we’ll keep working hard to merit that support. Have a great Thanksgiving!
Yours in liberty,
Tom Knapp
Rational Review