Radley Balko To Be Interviewed About Cory Maye On Air America Phoenix Friday

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I just got off the phone with my old friend Ernest Hancock, who is currently the producer for the Charles Goyette Show out of Phoenix on 1010 Talk KXXT. Ernie confirmed that Radley Balko will be a guest on the program to discuss the Cory (Corey?) Maye story. The interview is scheduled to air locally at 1010AM at 9AM (11-12AM EST/8-9AM PST), and is also streamed live on the Internet.
Local callers are welcomed at 602-230-8255, and a toll free line is available at 888-294-4321.
Cory Maye is a prisoner on death row in the U.S. state of Mississippi. He was convicted of murder in the death of Prentiss police officer Ron W. Jones, during a drug raid in 2001. Maye pleaded not guilty at his trial, citing self-defense as the reason. There has been significant recent Internet activity about Maye. His supporters say the conviction and sentence raise issues about the right to self defense, police conduct in the War on Drugs, and racial and social inequities in the region. They also raise questions about whether he has received competent legal representation.
Radley Balko is a policy analyst with the Cato Institute, a biweekly columnist with FoxNews.com, and a contributor to Tech Central Station. He has been published in several daily newspapers, online magazines and journals. Balko is credited with bringing the Maye story to the perception of the public.
Charles Goyette has been honored as “Best Phoenix Talk Show Host” by the New Times, is a familiar voice to radio listeners all across Arizona. After working for several stations throughout the southwestern U.S., Goyette was lured to the Phoenix airwaves with the coveted afternoon drive slot at KFYI, when Clear Channel Communications moved into the market in the fall of 2000. A dispute with Clear Channel over his opposition to the war on Iraq became public in 2004. In December of that year Charles signed on as host of the morning drive talk show at Air America Phoenix 1010 Talk KXXT, now reported to be Arizona’s fastest growing talk station.
Thanks to Tom and Steve (it took several e-mails and phone calls) for helping get Balko and Hancock hooked up together.
UPDATE: I had popped Ernie an e-mail to verify that I had listed his title correctly. His response:

“Imperial Producer” 🙂

He also added:

Archive of the show by 1pm Eastern time
Specific show archive will be: http://www.charlesgoyette.com/archive/index.cgi?2005-12-16-Charles