Purpose of argument.

Maybe I am an idealist, but I thought that I would write here and encourage discussion-I thought discussion would lead to wisdom. I am, apparently, a dumb-shit. Maybe nobody deserves freedom. Beside the people known in a few circles, there is a “kill the messenger” type attitude here. There are personal attacks rather than discussion. When you read a blog with the intent of spewing shit instead of learning, you do everyone a disservice. It is ok to attack an argument, if you use something real. To attack-personally- any person actually tears away at your own credibility. Is it only the extreme of the parties that post? If so, is it worth anyone’s time. I am here to learn and teach. We, of all people have an amazing opportunity to spread the “word” in a convenient, private manner. If any of us care about the future-our ideology doesn’t matter here- we would refrain from the personal attacks and stick to facts. If we kill each other with bullshit arguments, and attack each other on party line rather than real discourse, we all lose. Critical thought no longer exists. The bullshit that encouages only “extreme” ideas, creates an apathetic community. A community which does not care, has no incentive to change policy.
No matter where you stand on the political spectrum, you should realize that you are the boss. I do. And I ask, “What have you done for me lately?” Is anyone else even asking that?