Proud Pistol Packing Momma

Kathryn Weitzel is truly an angel. She is a stay-at-home-mom political activist, and when I needed a personal assistant during the Badnarik campaign, Kathryn immediately jumped to the task and handled my e-mail and filtered some of my telephone calls, as well as assisting me in many other scheduling and administrative matters. She has also helped in a similar manner with other political activities of mine. Her tireless spirit and good nature (as well as thousands of hours of hard work) have forever endeared me to her, despite the fact that she left me for another man — Michael Badnarik. Since the last presidential campaign ended, I haven’t needed her assistance as much and she’s been doing a lot of these same sorts of services for Mike.

I saw her a few weeks ago and noted that she seemed healthy and had probably lost a few pounds since I had seen her last. You can imagine my surprise when Mike and I got an e-mail from her telling us about her new baby, Lucille. Here is an excerpt from her message:

I think I’ll call her Lucille, as in to lose seal, or loose seal — as in what it will do to the intruder’s intestinal movements. Hope all is well and I’m proud of you both — Kathryn

Lucille is a Taurus Millennium PT145, and weighs in at a healthy 22.6 ounces. Constructed with a hammer-forged slide and an injection-molded polymer frame, it is a pocket-size, extremely lightweight double-action-only autoloader which uses .45 ACP. It features a 10-round magazine capacity for 10+1 firepower — and is an excellent choice of a concealed weapon for woman of Kathryn’s physical size and shooting expertise.

Kathryn, all I can think to say is congratulations on the newest member of your family.

Stephen Gordon

I like tasteful cigars, private property, American whiskey, fast cars, hot women, pre-bailout Jeeps, fine dining, worthwhile literature, low taxes, original music, personal privacy and self-defense rights -- but not necessarily in this order.

  1. awww. They are always so cute at that age. Wait till she starts getting to the teenage years and starts cussing back.

    I just hope that they never have the police take away this family member and send her to a foster-care impound.

  2. It was a great shot. Even the people who decided to yank the graphic are very avid gun rights activists.

  3. I remember now, we were going to check to see how he voted. I think someone once told me that he ended up not voting at all, but I cannot verify that or even remember the source.

  4. Sounds about right… I think the felony conviction was due to a small quantity of leafy green substance…

    I’m sorry sir… you have a plant… yes I know it is natural… but now you will no longer enjoy your natural rights that this “government” is sworn to uphold…

    Too bad… It would be nice to see public figures support the libertarians more…

    *BTW, I do not know if he didn’t vote, nor if he has EVER been convicted for a felony… nor do I know what the reason for the alleged incident was for… I am merely poking fun at the vote/non-vote of Senor Mathers… oh…and at that whole insane felony if caught with Marijuana (a plant, a NATURAL medicine)

  5. She has good taste in her choice of friends. A .45 ACP will definately get the job done if ever necessary. My choice of a friend to have with me in case of trouble.

  6. There is something very special about the smell of something new, i.e.,a new baby, a new car, a new gun, etc.,etc..