Poll: Utter Disapproval with Bush/Reps/Dems

A new poll indicates bad news across the board for Bush, Republicans and even Democrats — from Political Wire:

President Bush’s job approval continues to fall, “touching another new low for his presidency,” according to the latest Harris Interactive poll. “Bush’s current job approval rating stands at 34%, compared with a positive rating of 88% soon after 9/11, 50% at this time last year, and 40% in August.”

“Vice President Dick Cheney’s approval ratings slipped to 30% this month from 35% in August.”

However, Democrats also saw “one of the biggest dips in approval” in this poll. “Only a quarter of Americans polled give Democrats a positive rating in the latest poll, compared with 31% in August, while Republicans’ approval ratings fell to 27% from 32%.”

The 34% Libertarians need to win any 3-way elections is looking more feasible with each new poll, now we just need some star candidates and the money machine to back that up.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. While I’m libertarian all the way, I do wonder why the Dems would poll so badly? – with full control of the house and congress for the past half-decade, there is no one to blame for our current mess (2000+ dead soldiers for a lie, good jobs being exported, illegal immigration, tax cuts for the rich, record deficit financed by China) but the republicans. At least when the dems were in control the country was doing great. And for those that think that Libertarians are more closely related to Republicans in terms of political scope – think again – this “republican” administration that currently controls the country are religious zealots – nothing more than fundamentalists (Christian, Jewish, Muslim – all fundamentatlism is f**ked and bad for everyone)

  2. The Dems look bad because they’re not really contributing anything politically. Kerry focused too much on the war in the last election, thinking he’d be able to sneak into the white house that way, and it cost him the election.

    Now the Dems are focusing on the same issue – the war. Up to now, they’ve railed against the war, but haven’t offered anything in the way of solutions to many of our other woes. And that’s what we need now.

  3. Dog, the republicans have been arguing for years that the reason for our woes is democratic policy. I’d venture to say that most people don’t really argue with them (hence the poll numbers), yet they aren’t so hot on republican policy either (so they are paying the price in the polls).

  4. You analysis is wrong about Dems being viewed negatively and that also means they have reduced chances in the next election as a result. Unlike Republicans, a very large portion of extremely partisan Dems on the far left have a negative view of their own party. They are extremely unhappy with the current state of things. You can see this when you break out the numbers for Dems, many view their party negatively, will Republicans overwhelmingly view their party in a positive way. The pot is boiling over on the left, people are being driven to act out, to vote, to stand up, that is what is hidden in the numbers. What should send a chill up the spine of Republicans are the Independant numbers. Independants are starting to converge with Democrats when asked certain questions.