Political Stencils Greet Bush in Argentina

Wooster Collective (my favorite street art site) has this stencil/graffiti from Argentina, where President Bush is visiting this week. Bush can also expect massive protests from Argentinians unenthusiastic about multiple facets of U.S. foreign policy.

Argentina / Bush - fucking cowboy, go home

You know, we’re totally holding out for the Marlboro man remix or maybe just some enterprising artist can make some killer t-shirts from this.

Update: 10,000 protest Bush in Argentina. We’re shocked… SHOCKED!

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Well, I’m a US person retired and thoroughly enjoying living here, and I must say that, as in the US and other places, freedom of speech is alive and well. Another stecil poster says (below a picture of GWB), “Si Viene, Yo Para,” which I think roughly means, “If he comes, I’ll stop (him).”
    I’m definitely not opposed to this stuff, but I do think it might be fair to point out that there are 39 million Argentines, and they don’t all feel the same way. The unions are very strong here — at least in voice. I passed four or five contingents practicing for their protest parade yesterday — they were taking up one-half of the avenida Callao, and everyone including buses just drove slowly by and continued on their ways.
    Perhaps my bigger concern is that the kind of “all or nothing” statements and posturing doesn’t leave a lot of room for manouver. But life goes on somehow…

  2. Ill telling you thank GOD for FREE speech, Now I know Saddam hussein was guilty of crimes toward humanity, but at least he was not a danger to the in-tire WORLD. What Bush has done is insane. it makes me wounder who is going to come and save the Americans and the world from our “so dam insane”. I just hope the rest of the world knows that not all of us Americans are behind him, no matter how the count the electoral votes HE LOST!!!

  3. entire not in-tire, wonder not wounder, damn not dam, they not the. And finally you are illiterate trash, and I don’t think your opinion really matters. Obviously he won because he is in office right now. It’s just too bad there wasn’t anyone better running for president.

  4. Street art is necessarily polemic in nature, and this graphic is GREAT. Thanks for passing it on.

  5. Normally I’d delete the comment by Rob for being abusive, but in this case I make an exception solely because Peter does seem incapable of even the bare minimum of spelling ability.

    That said, keep the comments on-topic.

  6. Unfortunately most Americans have a very narrow, not to say inexistent, perspective of what is going on in the world. Unfortunately most Americans privilege appearance vs. reality. Unfortunately most Americans voted for him.

    Fortunately more and more people are “coming out”, stopping “eating hamburgers” and buying into the “we are the savors of democracy”. Maybe one day he realizes that the US does not need only oil, but also financing, respect and reputation. A “life” for its still alive soldiers, and a life for the hungry out there.

    Argentinean living in the US. Perspectives. Recognition of differences and talents here and there.

  7. Max, Many Americans may have a narroiw world view but a great many Argentines have a distorted view of the United States and capitalism. I have lived In Argentina for many years and I have never seen a more savage way of doing business – everyone out for himself, an almost total kack of honesty, no interest in return business (get the money and run attitude), no respect for the consumer. Argentines call American capitalism “savage” but act like savages in the way they do business. In the meantime they don’t care about the poor, discriminate against indigenous people or people who have brown skin. I don’t agree with the war in Iraq but I recognize that one of Bush’s interests is the protection of Israel and that was a factor in the war. Let’s not get into the subject of widespread anti semitism in Argentina! The pro Nazi history of this country is very sad.,

  8. The pro-nazi, KKK, white southerners.. history of the U.S. is sad as well…

    We have our own issues… and should leave Argentina to their own…

  9. Without being an expert in the field, I can say Argentina actually homes one of the largest Jewish communities out of Israel. And as a “new” country, developed based on immigration, has one of the lowest conflictive environments with regard to diversity.

    There are no separate cultures within Argentina. This is, there is no separate black community trying to enhance its resentment, there is no white community trying to retain its power positions, and there is no “Latino” community relegated to service jobs. And this is despite the traditional efforts of the Jewish community in trying to project its survival as a pure separate race.

    With regard to business practices, maybe due to the mostly Mediterranean ascendants, argentines are straightforward. This is, I don’t think they are more ‘savage”, they simply do not hold double standards. They don’t say “we care about the customer” when thinking “we care about net return on our investment”. They do not say “I am excited to meet you but unfortunately we cannot offer that at the time”. They say “I don’t like you” or “somebody else made a better offer”. And by the way, to the extent of my knowledge, the Jewish community is pretty supportive of its members and business, even those that are not performing well.

  10. I think argentinean are lovely and this poster should go around the world, I’m a US citizen and I’ve lived in Argentina for long time and I just love this country…go argentina go !