Police Taser 12 Year Old in School

In what must certainly be a proud moment for him and his family, a police officer “laid down the law” and tased a 12 year old girl. I wish I was making this up. Here is the exact quote.

Police said the principal called them when the girl refused to go to class. When officers arrived, they had trouble bringing the girl, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 pounds, under control. Officers said they warned the girl several times that they would use the Taser on her if she did not calm down.

She was charged for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Holy cow. A whole 120 pounds? Man, she must have been a real beast to control.

Better throw her some pills to calm her down. Then get her mental screening evaluation. Before ya know it, I’m sure she’ll be a nice docile little student!

I know, I’m being unfair. She might have been a little brat. Still, if that’s the case, throw her out. Let her parents deal with it. Bringing in a cop to taze a kid just amplifies that negative sentiments that many have with the abysmal public school system.

I bet I know the solution though! Let’s throw more money at it, because that fixes everything!

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