Police Murder Man for Unpaid Seat Belt Ticket

Keep this in mind the next time you forget to buckle up

Vera died on Aug. 19 in an intensive care unit at Medical Center of McKinney after almost two weeks in a coma. He was doused with oleoresin capsicum “pepper” spray by two Allen police officers during his Aug. 4 arrest for an unpaid seat belt ticket out of Irving.

Apparently police can murder someone and get away with it.

The grand jury report stated, “No probable cause exists to believe that any criminal offense was committed in connection with these events, other than Mr. Vera’s refusal to submit to the lawful authority of the police officers who attempted to effect his arrest.”
Collin County Medical Examiner Dr. William Rohr reported Vera’s death was a homicide, adding his death resulted from a struggle with officers. But “that does not “necessarily mean there was any criminal activity involved in Mr. Vera’s death,” Rohr said in his report.
Rohr stated cause of death as a lack of oxygen to the brain, which had occurred while Vera was face down, with pressure on his back.

I guess a homicide isn’t a criminal offense for police. Especially if they didn’t use pepper spray.

Rohr’s report also stated that use of pepper spray, as well as water near the scene and the intramural coronary artery, did not contribute to Vera’s death.

Good thing the judge was looking out for the interests of the victim

According to court documents, the court issued the order to prevent “extensive media coverage” from harming the judicial process.

And finally, you can all rest assured that these fine officers will be back on the street in no time.

Felty added the officers will be reinstated following the debriefing portion of the department’s internal investigation.
Overall, Felty said the department was pleased with the grand jury’s announcement and believe they are participating in “full, fair and impartial investigations.”
“The most important thing here is the Allen citizens know there’s no wrongdoing on the part of their police officers,” he said.

Update: Feel free to let the Allen police know what you think: police@cityofallen.org or their boss: pvargas@cityofallen.org
Another Update: Cool site dedicated to police accountability.