Plutonium Missing; DoD Staking Out Science Fairs

plutonium - file photoI’m not sure how scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory lost over 600lbs of weapons-grade plutonium, but their possible explanations make me wonder just how shoddy the records-keeping process is (via Homeland Stupidity and Sploid):

* It was shipped to a salt mine without accurate recording.

* It was deposited in an illegally a nearby landfill. The landfills in the immediate area came under scrutiny last year even before the plutonium fears about all the toxins. The clean up was delayed because local pilots feared wind shear would be created by a change in the nearby topography.

* It was stolen.

My own theory is that it’s all just a prank by the local nerdy-yet-affable HS teen, wacky hijinx involving a curmudgeony general, a jaded scientist and a dopey mother will now ensue.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Gee whiz, maybe the plutonium will turn up in Iraq.

    After all, the Administration That Never Makes Mistakes isn’t likely to start being honest with us now. Nope, with egos like theirs, typical of little rich boys who’ve had the rules bent their way for their entire lives, they’re more inclined to just stack another self-serving lie on top of the rest. Thus: ‘We finally found the WMD.’

    Side: Hopefully this stunt won’t come to pass. But one thing for sure, contrary to their claims of living by principle, BushCo. and the Neo-cons actually live by only one rule: whatever can be gotten away and is personally advantageous (not nationally advantageous, mind you), will be done.
    –So Sayth the Lord (as spoken too and received by his oracles here on earth, coincidentally these same guys).