Plamegate: Judy Miller Released

Karl Rove thumbing noseHot on the heels of the Tom DeLay indictment, it appears progress may be happening with the Valerie Plame CIA outing by Karl Rove.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. Another indictment by an upper level member in Bush’s camp would be another nail in coffin for the 2006 elections. Face it, the GOP is definitely hitting rock bottom. Approval ratings are down, the war in Iraq has lost support, the economy is tanking, the Katrina response was abysmal… the LP has been handed a golden opportunity to make some headway. Instead, we hear very little.

I have this fear of Hillary in 2008. This after 4 years of GHW Bush, 8 years of Bill, and 8 years of GW Bush… shoot me now.

Update: Sweet, she is going to testify. Let’s see if she really brings the hammer down on the people responsible, and not just a lowly intern.

  1. I am bummed that so little is being done to get out the word to ignorant America that we have more than two parties. You can’t find 2 in a hundred people that can name the LP candidate that was on 48 state ballots. How do the republicrats do it?