Perfect for that Wintry Rally at the 50 Cent Concert

Anticon hoodie for Hip Hop gangsta 13yo KlankidsThese hoodies being pitched at the new French clothing site Anticon are pretty clever, you can zip them all the way up and there’s little eyeholes pre-cut. From the BoingBoing writeup on what this means for the UK surveillance society (and eventually the US):

Here in Britain, closed-circuit cameras are everywhere: the average Londoner is said to be photographed some 300 times a day. Equally ubiquitous are the signs that demand that you take off your hoodie’s hood or your motorcycle crash-helmet so that it won’t interfere with the universal surveillance.

So imagine the reaction that these awesome, masked French hoodies will evince when they land on Britain’s shore. All they lack is a cluster of hidden, high-intensity infra-red LEDs that can overwhelm the charge-coupled device arrays in some digital cameras.

Surveillance, Smurveillance… Let us be the first to call this thing what it looks like: clothing for 13-year-old Hip-Hop Klan gangstas.

Word life!

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. So, in other words it is perfectly okay for the government to record your every movement and you are going to do nothing about it? The message you are sending isn’t clear to me…

  2. Mike, I think that government surveillance is a joke. I don’t like it any more than the average guy, but to concede that the only way to usurp a surveillance society is to disguise yourself is a lame excuse.

    Going back to the BoingBoing post, if there were an outfit selling high-intensity infra-red LED necklaces, I’d say buy them. Thwarting the technology without covering your face to other people gets more respect from me.

  3. Yeah, I kinda like it. It’s a way of thumbing one’s nose at the absurdity of the situation.

    Of course, now only terrorists will be wearing hoodies.