Penn Jillette: “There is no God”

Penn JilletteComedian Penn Jillette was on NPR a few weeks ago and gave an oratory on why he doesn’t believe in God (via Kottke). Normally wouldn’t bother posting this, even though Jillette is an upstanding libertarian, but it seems we’ve been on the religion kick here at Hammer of Truth for the past few weeks and I figured I’d join in:

[A]nyone with a love for truth outside of herself has to start with no belief in God and then look for evidence of God. She needs to search for some objective evidence of a supernatural power. All the people I write e-mails to often are still stuck at this searching stage. The atheism part is easy.
But, this “This I Believe” thing seems to demand something more personal, some leap of faith that helps one see life’s big picture, some rules to live by. So, I’m saying, “This I believe: I believe there is no God.”

His views should in no way indicate a generalized view held by libertarians, but I have to wonder if the Libertarian Party is leading the political pack in overall percentage of atheist members.