PA Operation Clean Sweep’s First Victory!

clean sweep pigPeople say activism doesn’t work anymore. Well it has in this case. Maybe it was the 129,000 signature petition rolled out at the capital’s doorstep. Maybe it was the 25 foot inflatable pig. Either way, the pressure has become high enough and the situation embarrassing enough that the Pennsylvania Senate and House have already passed a bill lowering the salaries back.

The Senate, reacting to months of fierce backlash from constituents, unanimously voted early in the evening to repeal the pay increase. The bill included a provision lowering judges’ pay as well, which some lawmakers argued is prohibited by the state Constitution.

Around 11 p.m., the House took up the bill, but added an amendment that tied together each part of the bill. So if a judge strikes one part down, the entire bill is repealed and the raise might return.

So it’s not through yet and there is some rider amendments that may piss some people off, but the ball is rolling. And remember, PA Clean Sweep’s goal is to get every incumbent out of office for the audacity of their 11th hour move to jack up their salaries by as much as 54%. Good Luck!

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