Our Message to Washington: Let My Bloggers Go!

Over here at HoT, we write quite a bit about the interface of blogging and politics.
Recent news provided that FEC upheld the journalistic rights of bloggers, but Adam B over at DailyKos reports this may not necessarily be the case:

In other words, these Commissioners have indicated that they believe a site that gets too partisan will have to file with the FEC. Fired Up isn’t there yet, they indicate, but it could be. As could others — like this one, clearly…
…People engaged in online politics should not have to worry about having to submit themselves to a fact-intensive “major purpose” test to determine if their website has to register and file as a political committee.

As I’ve stated before, I’ll continue to blog until they “pry the First Amendment from my cold, dead fingers” — and I am not going to fill out freakin’ FEC paperwork in order to do so.
Fortunately, an old ally is jumping to the rescue. Christopher over at Suicide Girls informs us:

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, in addition to suing Sony regarding its famed digital rights management, has started a support network to protect blogger rights. Rights such as anonymous blogging, confidentiality between sources, fair use of IP, open discourse in comment threads, protection against unlawful server seizure, access to public information, and the freedom to blog about elections and employers have been explicitly cited by the EFF.

The EFF Bloggers’ Rights page is here, and it hosts a lot of good reference material on the legal rights of those of us who blog. I’ll likely begin with the Bloggers’ FAQ on Election Law.
Washington keeps trying to stick its meddling fingers into the inner workings of the blogosphere, proving that they just don’t get this freedom thing we keep talking about. If they keep it up, I’ll predict an alliance between libertarians, the left, and the right which will topple their little authoritarian bureaurocratic world.
Graphic credit: EFF (and we’re pretty darned sure they won’t mind)