Our best interest…

During a TV/Radio broadcast today concerning Hurricane Wilma slamming into Florida Governor Jeb Bush commented on residents who ignored the mandatory evacuation warnings and settled in for the brutal weather:

In our society you can’t force people to do what’s in their best interest…

You can imagine the inquisitive stares I received as I gut-laughed for five minutes straight…

EVERY DAY the government uses FORCE to pay for programs they believe to be in our best interest! By FORCE, the government takes and spends billions and billions of dollars claiming that this is what America wants, what their constituents want, when typically… it isn’t!

By FORCE the government is paying for a war,initially touted to be in our BEST INTEREST, that most American’s disagree with. Through FORCE the people pay for a failing education system, the lost and uncessary battle of the ‘War on Drugs,’ religious institutions through ‘Faith-Based Initiatives,’ the welfare state and the list goes on and on…

Monday’s are typically rough and humorless for me, thanks for breaking the monotony Jeb.

  1. Most of your examples are not cases of the government forcing individuals to do something in their best interest, but of the government using taxes to do things that they think are in everyone’s best interest.

    Stuff like forcing people to wear seatbelts or motorcycle helmets are more apt examples. Thankfully, those kind of intrusions are not as common as government action generally.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. X

    …refining the point…

  2. Taking drugs off of our streets isn’t in our best interest? Fighting terrorists? Helping those “less fortunate” through church networks and wealth distribution programs? You don’t think if a politician was asked WHY these programs exist their answer wouldn’t ultimately come back to “it’s in our best interest?”

  3. I’m just drawing the distinction between those things that are thought to be in the best interest of the people generally, as opposed to those that are in the best interest of a particular individual.

    Also, distinguishing between positive and negative acts of self-interest. Preventing you from having access to drugs and making you evacuate your home are somewhat different, with the latter being a greater infringement on liberty and application of force.

    In the end, it’s good to hear Jeb acknowledge what we libertarians have always known.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. X


  4. All government is BY FORCE, all government programs are BY FORCE, even the best meant government programs aren’t in the best interest of the people and their freedom.