Operation Clean Sweep: Kick the Bastards Out

clean sweep pigThe people of Pennsylvania are pissed. And rather than just take it, a group of citizens have formed Operation Clean Sweep. There goal: To get rid of EVERY single incumbent legislator in the next election.

So why the anger? Well, the legislators, in an 11th hour move, decided to give themselves a large pay raise just before leaving office and before anyone could catch them on it. These pay raises were as large as 54 percent.

The response from the lawmakers is downright hysterical. One lawmaker, Angel Cruz, admitted the following in front of reporters when questioned:

Cruz: (Regarding the Pennsylvania Constitution) “I’ve never read it. I’d be lying to you if I said I’d read it”

So, you took an oath of office, to “support, obey and defend,” a document you claimed to have never read. Congratulations, you just gave yourself a pay raise.

Fortunately, this is an organization with teeth. They have already got funding, as well as 27 candidates. Support is growing. Perhaps it’s a pipe dream, but these people seem damn ready to go.

The picture is of the 25 foot inflatable pig that sits in front of the legislative building in Harrisburg, PA.

Hat tip to WING TV (link to thursday’s episode) for the interview with the founder of Operation Clean Sweep.

  1. Unfortunately, my searches on ebay turned up no inflatable pigs of this size. I imagine putting one right outside the governor’s office would be quite amusing.