One Step Closer to Slavery for Katrina Victims

Bieser Cartoon

Scott Bieser is one of my favorite political cartoonists. This statement on his new blog describes what a lot of us are starting to write about:

News of the systematic gun confiscations in New Orleans hit me like a 2×4 in the face. I knew this day was coming sooner or later but I had hoped it would be later.

What makes Bieser special is his ability to draw what most of us merely verbalize.

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjected people to carry arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjected peoples to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the underdog is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty.” — Adolf Hitler, 1938

Props: Kn@ppster

Update by Stephen VanDyke: Need video proof? See how the nice armed men slam gramma against the wall (streaming vid) in New Orleans because she has a gun. Take note that she has so much food and water in her house that the second cameraman nearly trips over the stacks of it in her kitchen.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Another excellent opportunity for the LP to shine. Too bad they are too busy bickering and blowing all the dues money on bullshit instead of marketing… Why the hell don’t they have, at the VERY LEAST, a good spokesperson that makes regular media appearances? SIGH.

    And where is the NRA?

  2. Mike – today’s NRA site is devoid of any mention of the fact that lawful and peaceful people in Louisiana are being disarmed right now by the government.

    They do, however, have a “support the troops” logo on their site.

    Considering this story is no longer breaking news, it seems that the NRA is siding with the jack-booted thugs who are disarming potential victims.

    This is yet another reason why I refer to the NRA as the National Republican Association.

  3. Stephen G,

    Excellent post!
    But it’s not just the revolutionary war when major gun confiscation preceded abuse of the citizenry.

    Now granted, there numbers are highly inflated. Still, it’s a great slap in the face to wake people up.

    Plus, with New Orleans, this is again proof positive that registration of guns is always risky for the citizen. Oh sure, we just want to know you have the gun. We won’t take it from you, until you might need it!


    welcome aboard man

  4. Stephen Gordon,

    National Republican Association. I agree with that, and will call it that everytime I get a chance it is an easier way to say sell out to the big government Republican Party.

    And people voted for Bush because he was pro gun, or should I say pro gun control.

  5. This is a problem with all major PACs and political organizations. They start off with a real and true cause. However, as they get larger, their mission statement and goals get diluted by other concerns and issues. Plus, they make concessions of demands for increased membership or air time. Before you know it, they are watered down and worthless.

    The problem is that becomes nearly impossible for an effective and alternative gun rights organization to be born, because everyone flocks to the NRA because it’s already there and has name recognition.

    The same could be said by the Libertarian party. Every libertarian (big or small L) wants the LP to start kicking ass and taking names… but it’s not! Now, it’s hard to convince everyone that has already been sold on the LP infrastructure to jump ship to a different party with the same ideals that actually does something!

    There doesn’t appear to be an easy solution. But if we turn the pressure on them, maybe we can get them to come around (NRA or LP).

  6. I am a member of the National Rifle Association. Should I quit? If I do, is the Libertarian Party going to pick up the slack? I doubt it. They can’t even win an election at any level much less do anything to protect my Second Amendment rights. I am a libertarian (small l) but refuse to be involved in a marginalized political party whether it be the LP, Green Party, American Communist Party, or any other party that cannot muster enough bright, responsible people to make a difference and be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.

    We can sit around and criticize everyone else’s actions or beliefs but if we are just sitting around and blogging and not making a difference, what gives us the right to be so self righteous as to disagree with every action taken when we cannot even formulate a plan of action ourselves?

    I am a very independent thinker that believes the Constitution should be implemented as written.

    I attended several Libertarian Party meetings in Colorado in the past year and met about as many crazies as I met at a Green Party meeting. Until the LP fixes its problems and can convince mainstream Americans they are not a bunch of nut cases, the LP is doomed. Remember, I am a committed libertarian (small l).

  7. Julian,

    I was once a member of the NRA, and quit because they were more interested in electing Republicans than defending our right to keep and bear arms.

    To be sure, during the last election cycle, they didn’t even criticize Bush for hos promise to sign the Assault Weapons Ban should it pass both houses of Congress.

    I also used to be a Republican, and will note that there are just as many crazies (based on percentage) in the GOP as in the LP. I’ve had more problems with crazies on GOP campaigns I have worked (i.e. Ollie North for Senate) than with many LP campaigns. The key difference is that the GOP tries to control everything from the top, while the LP at least attempts to use open-source politics.

    I’d rather be right than be a Republican (or Democrat, for that matter).

  8. Julian,

    We are working to fix the Libertarian Party. I personally believe the Libertarian Party is better than all the other parties so I will support them.

    If we wait and do nothing we will not have a country much longer. The LP is one of the only few parties to stand up for the Constitution and trying to stop the national debt.

    We cannot win without support, we will never win if we let ourselves think we can’t.

    I have seen some crazy democrats and republicans also so the LP is not alone in that category.

  9. Stephen VanDyke – thank you for that link. That REALLY pisses me off! What the fuck! Her home wasn’t even flooded!

  10. Julian: One group I have no reservations about supporting is Keep and Bear Arms.

    Unlike the NRA, they aren’t trying to make a buck from memberships while sitting on their thumbs, they are actually out there lobbying to repeal stupid gun laws.

  11. This should be a wake up call to all freedom-loving Americans. Depend on the government for protection and they protect the system, not the citizens. The NRA and The Republican Party sold out years ago. They are compromisers who help the NWO socialists to rob us of our liberties. Gun Owners of America ( is by far the better choice for pro-gun activism. As far as political parties go, The Constitution Party (formerly the US Taxpayers Party) is my choice.