NOLA Exodus in Full Swing… Thanks to Iraq War?

NOLA supplies arrivingIt looks like there’s finally just enough support in place to get people the fuck out of New Orleans, secure the situation to a reasonable modicum, get food and supplies to the thousands of refugees, and finish the search and rescue operation. Six days in and we’re finally starting to see some calm restored. This was a government screw-up on a massive scale no doubt, but we’re just grateful to see that there is finally some improvement and headway being made.

But what really gets my gall is how the republican spin on this is shaping up and latching onto Iraq once again. The libertarian republicans have got to have the most bizarre praising of the Iraq War I have ever seen. Check out this press release they sent out linking Katrina and the war in Iraq:

CNN and Fox News are now showing scenes of American Military Troops storming into New Orleans and other Katrina ravaged areas of the Gulf Coast. The “Cavalary has arrived” screamed the Mayor of New Orleans and City Residents.

These Troops are War Ready. Many fresh from fighting in Baghdad.

They are used to misery and terribly demanding situations. This, in contrast to fresh, green National Guardsmen who have never seen combat and who have been widely criticized for their lackluster and late response.

What’s starting to become clear is that the War in Iraq has proved to be a positive in a way that no Americans ever imagined; Preparedness for Natural Disasters.

“This doesn’t mean we should be intervening in every Nation in the World to boost Military Prepardness, every little conflict. But it does show that in this one instance the War in Iraq has proved incredibly helpful to the Citizens of New Orleans…” Says Rick Ariazi, Michigan Neolibertarian, former Volunteer Aide to MI State Rep. Leon Drolet and former long-time Michigan Republican Liberty Caucus Chairman.

Ironically, many Anti-War Cindy Sheehan/Michael Moore types, and sadly their allies in the Anti-War Wing of the libertarian movement, have been bashing Bush and our Military Troops in Iraq.

It is now clear for anyone who has been watching the tragedy unfold on CNN and Fox that the Cavalry has finally arrived and they are War Prepared Troops offering greater assistance to those aflicted than the locals.

How do the Sheehans and the “Lew Rockwell/Justin Raimondo types in the Anti-War Wing of the libertarian movement respond to the charge that their actions in opposing the War in Iraq are now contributing to the hurt and suffering and even death in New Orleans in the Gulf Coast? [emphasis added]

Holy fuck… how can they possibly praise the Iraq war at a time like this? Please tell me this is some clever fucking satire and I just don’t get it. Because if the new metric for supporting the Iraq War (“Preparedness for Natural Disasters”), then I applaud them for being able to channel Nostradamus back in late 2002. Who should we invade to start preparing our troops for when the big one hits California?

I would reply with a well-formed response to that rhetorical bullshit at the end, but instead I’ll just thank them for having the balls to finally use the troops stationed in Iraq to save American lives from an actual looming crisis.

Update: The American Red Cross has a FAQ up that confirms FEMA still won’t let them into NOLA. Considering that the pace of removal of refugees is quickening, this may no longer be that big of an issue, but you better believe it’s more proof of FEMA’s massive failure to provide aid to the people being kept in the city for 6 days.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. It’s amazing how blantant the lies are becoming. “What’s starting to become clear is that the War in Iraq has proved to be a positive in a way that no Americans ever imagined”, Are they on crack? It’s been a nightmare, people are dying and going ape shit in the superdome, and somehow Iraq was the reason for all of these “positive” outcomes?

    Where are the letters of outrage to Fox and CNN? This is intolerable.

  2. Unfortunately I think the majority of the folks watching those channels are more deer in the headlights than anything. They are moved by Geraldo’s BS, even if Bill Orielly seems to be barely tolerating it. Bring on the new ad slogans… who wants an NBC/CNN/Fox news slogan on their tomb stone? I’m sure someone already has the t-shirts ready to go. Oh, and the blatant use of the Hurrican Relief for PR is sickening (ie… NASCAR)

  3. I wish I had words to express my amazement at these and many, many other statements coming from the “right”. I think they have finally realized that they can say ANYTHING that comes to their mind and they have enough idiots to say “that’s right!”. The little guys like me can analyze and be logical and reasonable…but, it’s just like the movie rags. Once they’s told a lie or made an outrageous statement to so many people…how can logic or intelligence make a difference? Unless Democrates learn how to do the same they will never win in our nation of asleep sheep.

  4. Hey, can you guys read? The Red Cross Web site clearly states that its the STATE Emergency Management people who were keeping the Red Cross out, NOT FEMA. The National Guard, under the supreme command of Governor Blanco, are the ones who finally got in to relieve the NO refugees. Admittedly FEMA wasn’t a shining example but they are not first responders or responsible for rescuing people. That’s the State and Local responsibility backed by the FederalS as third backup. Active Duty troops are FORBIDDEN by law from going in and restoring order.