No Longer Suspended

Apparently something just went wonky here for a couple days and my account got auto-suspended. Phone calls were going straight to voice mail, and I honestly began to wonder if I was about to get a take-down notice for something I had written. I even began to wonder if Seth was on a military transport to Gitmo for hosting this site and its sometimes flagrantly seditious content.

I even bagan waiting for my own knock at the door.

Well, chalk that up to an overactive imagination, because it turned out to be a glitch, not a snitch.

Everything is back to normal now and I am no longer freaking out because I can’t get my email or post on this site, or whatever.

Yes, back to normal… but, should the above scenario actually play itself out one day (and not be a false alarm), rest assured there is now a chain of events that will unfold to spread the word. I implore all bloggers to assess their own plans should they be arrested or shut down because of something they posted.

  1. Maybe it was God’s revenge for having the audacity to blog as his Allmightyness? ;)

  2. How good friends are you with the guys & girl over at BoingBoing? They usually champion people who’ve been taken offline by the Blog Police, and usually send the EFF calling, too.