No Child Left Behind

It appears that Bret Chenkin, a high school English teacher, wishes to do his part to be sure no child is left behind. He is under fire for giving students a vocab quiz that poked fun of the nation’s president. An example question reads, “I wish Bush would be (coherent, eschewed) for once during a speech, but there are theories that his everyday diction charms the below-average mind, hence insuring him Republican votes.” “Coherent” is the right answer.

Kudos to him for incorporating vocabulary, current events and humor in a single quiz.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: The Moderate Voice makes an interesting point, saying “Simply put, we’re supposed to get both sides when we’re learning, especially in high school. We can’t be objective if the knowledge is unequal.”

If public school teachers will bash Republicans and Democrats equally, this would be a moot issue.

  1. The sign of a true intellectual giant, engage in Ad-hominem attacks on those we differ in opinion with, thereby stifling any true discussion of the facts, the truth, or other opinions

  2. From the article: “I’ll put in both sides,” he said. “Especially if it’s going to cause a lot of grief.”

    Here is a possible example to cover the other side:

    Most Americans are opposed to the war in Iraq. When he was running for office, I wish that John Kerry had had the (testicular fortitude, actual belief) to oppose the continued deaths in the middle east.

  3. Interesting how this “intellectual giant” of an English teacher used the word “insuring” when it should have been “ensuring.” Maybe we shouldn’t leave any teachers behind.

  4. I caught that too, but figured that it would be too much for me to add a 2nd post immediately after I published. I still find the whole thing quite funny.

  5. Notice everyday diction charms the (below-average minds)of Republicans. Be careful all you democrats dont listen to that everyday diction so you dont get charmed into voting republican. Wait for that high class stuff that only democrats can spout. Notice too it is alright for english teachers to teach name calling and insulting.

  6. Well, I mean they should be able to bash who ever they want. The problem is public schools, without them this would be a non-issue. Good stuff though.

  7. Ms. Moran needn’t worry about the votes here. I will wager that most of the people reading or writing here do not toe the line- for any party. Again, the entire thing is just funny. It is funny because it is the typical crap of a two party system. I bash you, you bash me- we are not different. I think that sums up the trunks and asses. Only shit can come from the rear end of anything.

  8. Agreed. Get rid of these public schools. I can’t believe I actually went through one myself looking back at it. My little bro tells me the stuff they “learn” these days. Shit, I could learn more in 20 minutes of reading then he learns in the entire day!

    So sad.

    But as John Taylor Gatto points out, public schools were never intended to make smart independent thinkers, but rather ‘good workers’.

    You can read the first few chapters in at the above link. And this was from the NYS teacher of the year! He left when he realized it hopeless to reform a system that ran in opposition to true education.

  9. Thank you, Rick, for bringing to attention a name that I not only recognize, but admire. I happened on an article written by Mr. Gatto one day last May and emailed him the same evening. I asked him to consider coming to Dallas to speak to Libertarians and parents of home schooled children. I explained that I was a libertarian county chair, and that we had no money. I offered him airfare, nice lodging and a fabulous Texas steak dinner (at my own expense); He accepted. Unfortunately, Collin County did not have the ability to pull it together, but I still agree with his viewpoint, and direct people to his site even today.

  10. Michelle,

    LOL. No worries, I figured you would have seen his name at least a few times. I figured I would post his information to help direct others to his work. His book
    “dumbing us down” was also a very good and very quick read. I recommend it to everyone (though they always will ‘get around to it eventually’).

    John Gatto is one of those unsung heroes that the establishment hopes to never hear from again.

  11. I want to vomit sometimes when I read the trash and propoganda that is handed out to my wife’s 8 year old grandchild for homework and thinking points. It is so loaded toward the far left socialist line that I sometimes cannot believe this passes the muster of a fairly conservative city, Colorado Springs, with so many Christian groups such as Focus on the Family.

    We must somehow seize the schools by installing libertarians on the boards and get back to the basics of teaching the three R’s. Do you know that the kid does not even know who Thomas Jefferson or George Washington was? All he knows is there is a picture of GW hanging in the cafeteria.

    There must be some neutral ground. I would not want him taught far right fascist propoganda either. What the hell gives in today’s schools? We will be in deep poo poo 20 years from now if what is being taught today becomes mainstream beliefs used by decision makers.

    Am I so far out of the mainstream at 59 years old that it is too late for me to comprehend modern day thought and teachings? Am I frozen in time?

  12. I think it is another version of the enquire or inquire connundrum. Insure & assure have elements of guarantee or certainty & the former better connects to precaution or measures taken in advance to deliver the prophecy or expectation.