N.H. Residents Fight ‘View’ Tax

No, it’s not your political views being taxed (as I’m sure I’d be broke right now if it was the same rate as NY’s sales tax). Residents of NH are getting upset from rising property taxes because their homes have more ‘value’ because of their scenic views.

I remember growing up in an upper-lower class part of upstate NY (hey, it can always get worse!) and having people absolutely dread the time when their homes were to be re-appraised. I knew many people that purposely left some renovations incomplete for as long as possible in order to delay the inevitable increased tax burden. I do recall one guy leaving out a wall of his garage for this exact reason. Hey, it’s not a garage yet! You can’t tax it as such! Yes, it was a stupid technicality, but it was just one of the many lengths people would go to stymie the tax man.

Getting back to NH

Whether tax or factor, Orford residents find the increased costs difficult to bear and are leading a tax revolt that is gaining support in other rural New Hampshire towns. Pressured by residents, the Orford Board of Selectmen voted in September to set aside soaring revaluations of property until the state legislature develops objective standards for valuing views.

Yes yes. Just what we need. Viewing value standards. It sounds like an FCC project gone awry. Let’s see here. I can see 3 trees, 4 shrubs, about half a pond, and it looks like your skyline angle during sunset is about 20 degrees (not too shabby). So based on our NH land value calculation sheet, your house is worth an extra 20,000.

I guess it pays to live in a dank dark swamp area then.

  1. Insane. Good thing they don’t do that here in CA. Because man I have a damn nice view, and really the property is worth more than the house (it’s not too shaby either) becuase of the view. But since they don’t do that, property taxes aren’t as high as they could be.

  2. This method of taxing property has come up in Colorado. I believe if it is accepted, I will be double taxed because I have an excellent view of the valley looking east and the mountains looking west.

    Just living in Colorado may qualify all residents for increased taxes based on view because almost everyone has some sort of view of something worth seeing.

  3. I disagree. While buildings and what you build should not be taxed, you the landowner did nothing to “make” the view outside your window. People pay extra for a view, so that makes the land more valuable.
    If we stopped paying taxes on the actual houses, a view tax would be seen as a reasonable price to pay. If you’re rich enough to have a marvelous view, bravo. But again, it’s a price you pay for something that you didn’t create or buy.