News Updates for Liberty Lovers Only

About the political blogosphere: Michael Crowley writes:

And the liberal-activist Web site DailyKos counts hundreds of thousands of visitors each day. But Democrats say there’s a key difference between liberals and conservatives online. Liberals use the Web to air ideas and vent grievances with one another, often ripping into Democratic leaders. (Hillary Clinton, for instance, is routinely vilified on liberal Web sites for supporting the Iraq war.) Conservatives, by contrast, skillfully use the Web to provide maximum benefit for their issues and candidates. They are generally less interested in examining every side of every issue and more focused on eliciting strong emotional responses from their supporters.

Not surprisingly, this sent Michelle Malkin into apoplectic spasms. Libertarian bloggers intuitively understand that there ain’t a dimes worth of difference between Elephants and Donkeys in the first place.

Everyone is talking about Tookie Williams, and very few seem to be talking about Cory Maye. Radley Balko has a couple of important updates for us.

Brian Doherty has a good piece in honor of recently deceased Liberty editor Bill Bradford. He captured the good and the bad in his tribute, just the way Bill would have wanted it:

Like all libertarian luminaries, he was wildly eccentric, very difficult to argue with, and mostly through it all a real hoot to be with, read, or just contemplate.

News of the Freaky Sort: Two unrelated women (and apparently unknown to each other) with the same first and middle names both were arrested for solicitation to commit murder of their respective 22 year old boyfriends by the same undercover cop.

A jawdropper (props): Markos Moulitsas reverses decades of Democratic tradition:

I made my decisions, like I have in the past, based on two factors — the first is merit. I don’t concern myself with sex, race, ethnicity, or any of that stuff.

Trademark News: The government now allows Dykes on Bikes to call themselves Dykes on Bikes. Props. Our nanny-miesters originally thought that the group which wished to call itself Dykes on Bikes might be offended by the use of the word dyke. Duh!

No-brainer headline of the day: Europe to help finance new Russian spaceship. Last time I checked, Europe was a continent, and Europeans pay the bills. But this criticism should at least indicate that we are not whored out simply because they advertise at HoT. BTW, you can, too.