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FMQB provides us with a flashback photo tour from the 1994 New York Libertarian Party Convention. The writer praised the Howard Stern for Governor campaign slogan:

Of the penis,
By the penis,
For the penis,

Considering the way America is getting dicked by the Patriot Act, and that 2151 Americans have been permantly dicked in Iraq, perhaps Bush should have used Stern’s slogan.

Photo Credit: FMQB

Scott Horton has a new website, or at least I didn’t find out about it until today. While the front page is not yet finished, the blog is up and running. Amongst his list of bloggers is Anthony Gregory. Between Horton and Gregory, I’d expect to see a lot of good content coming from the site. BTW, if you are not aware, you don’t have to live in Austin to catch Horton’s show. All of his interviews are available on the Internet. A short list of recent guests includes Seymour Hersh, Karen Kwiatkowski, Michael Badnarik, Justin Raimondo, Lew Rockwell and Nat Hentoff.

The 11th time is a charm, or so it may be for this Canadian:

Kaye Sargent has spent more time on the campaign trail than any other Oxford candidate, but even after 25 years of politics, her passion for the Libertarian Party of Canada’s message has not waned.

The Jan. 23 election will mark the 11th time Sargent has sought a federal or provincial seat, though she’s not impressed with the timing of this particular campaign.

“I’m an old hand at this, but I’m really with the majority of people this time,” said the grandmother of four. “I think it was really nasty to call an election.”

“Who wants to think about an election during Christmas and New Year’s?”

Speaking of determination, this guy has a bit of it, too.

A Libertarian who hosts a weekly radio program called “Freedom Rings” spent more than two years and appeared in court 28 times fighting a $25 ticket for not wearing a seat belt.

After a two-hour trial, a McHenry County jury found Ken Prazak guilty Wednesday. He was ordered to pay the $25, and Judge Suzanne Mangiamele added 100 days of probation.

“This is still a victory,” Prazak, 53, said at the end of the trial. “I was able to get the word out, and educate the jury and even the judge about cases she had never heard of.”

In addition to picking up my latest rant on Cory Maye, the national LP site now has a chat room. They are still tweaking it a bit, but it seemed to work fine when I dropped by a couple of hours ago.

Cigarette Smoking Man’s Identity Revealed?

The X-Files mystery character Cigarette Smoking Man once said, “Anyone who can appease a man’s conscience can take his freedom away from him.”

Sounds almost like a badnarikism. They look kind of similar, too.

  1. Perhaps with the general disatisfaction of the US populace towards our political leaders, the US is ready for a third party?

    I for one am seriously considering joining the LP.
    Registered Republican, and damn tired of Washington.

  2. Naw… I think the close proximity to the nuclear reactors has slowed Badnarik’s aging process… as a side effect he’ll probably never have children! ;-)