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It’s starting to become a trend. Here is the latest libertarian-Democrat blog.

Promote thy Balko. Radley starts off:

Among the uglier responses to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina were those who suggested that the hurricane was some sort of divine retribution for the moral shortcomings of New Orleans and, more broadly, the United States.

His example is here, while I’ll provide one from my home turf.

The bottom line:

Included in the $8 billion aid package recently passed by the House of Representatives was a provision authored by Rep. Frank Wolf that would exempt businesses Wolf considers unwholesome from getting any aid at all. Included among Wolf’s disfavored businesses are liquor stores, casinos, tanning salons, and strip clubs.

In other words, the GOP will subsidize shady car dealers and abortion clinics in NOLA, but not titties and beer. Perhaps some balance is required because they spend so much of their lobbyists’ money subsidizing T&B inside the beltway.

Good read if you write about politics. Excerpt:

“Cry Havoc!, and let slip the dogs of war,” wrote Shakespeare. “The Bush administration cried ‘Havoc!’ and used a number of lies to justify setting the dogs of war loose,” wrote Harry Browne, Libertarian presidential candidate in 2000. Lies and more lies: Al-Qaeda training camps in Iraq, aluminum tubes, Hussein kicking the UN inspectors out of Iraq, drone aircraft that could reach our East Coast, mobile bioweapon laboratories, WMDs, and such overblown statements as: the world is a safer place with Hussein gone, and the Iraqi people are finally free.

“It is very important to realize,” Browne says, “that virtually everything we think we know about a foreign policy issue is only what the government tells us. And the dogs of war are unleashed on anyone who threatens to expose those lies, and seems to have the public forum in which to do so.” We have to remedy that.

That’s why I keep writing.

Want yet another reason to love the nanny state? Dad asks court to let girlfriend sleep over.

It seems that Ken Blackwell (ref: stealing the presidential vote in Ohio fame) steals more than votes. Latest local press here.

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