New World RFID Passports

The government is going to start to use tracking devices in passports which will hold your personal information and can be read by the government. RFID can also be implanted into your skin or placed into your drivers licenses.

The US government will require nearly all of the passports it issues to have a computer chip containing the passport holder’s personal information by October 2006, according to regulations published this week.

Starting in early 2006, the US Department of State will begin issuing passports with 64KB RFID (radio frequency identification) chips containing the name, nationality, gender, date of birth, place of birth, and digitised photograph of the passport holder.

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Update: Chase Rolls Out RFID Credit Cards in N.Y.

  1. Wait till they make it a law that one needs such an ID to start their car.

    Add this to the GPS trackers that they are trying to implement in California (for a per mile tax) and boom! Instant total trackage.


  2. Either that, or throw it in the microwave and burn out the chip.

    Hey! My passport is just a little crispy… don’t mind it!

  3. Big Brother is watching, I mean tracking, uh, watching, tracking, spying, ignoring the Constitution, you.

    Whew! The government in all their wisdom knows what is best. Let’s just quit complaining and roll over. Let’s do nothing to stop this incremental loss of freedom before it is too late and we have nothing to fight back with nor the means to maintain a network of people that believe in the Constitution as it was written, not as the power abusers would have us believe.

  4. Julian,

    I complain only to expose. The more people we can win over, the better chance we have to fight the ever increasing encroachment.

    Heck, if I didn’t care, I would just be watching the game and drinking a beer.

  5. Rick,

    Great point. Wait, let me just turn the game off, can’t do it, noooooo!!!. I can’t do it. Oh, it’s over. Thankyou. Go sucky stupid facist team!

    I could care less if the government is tracking me. What matters is that it’s too big, too overgrown into our lives. We’ve got to get out there and stop them before it’s too late.

  6. The per-mile tax thing, I haven’t heard of this. Shoot, that sucks. I’m here in the socialist union known as California, and man they ain’t getting no GPS in my OLD hunk of metal.

  7. Rick, You should be careful mentioning things like the I.D. to start your car, Big Broyher IS watching. You might be giving them ideas.

    God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

  8. David…. if someone on here has thought about it… you better guarantee their is at least a plan for implementation somewhere. Whether or not it is put into effect is the real issue.

    Changing the tax to per mile rather than per gallon gives a nice false sense of “tax break” and “cheaper” fuel.

    I have a better solution, stop buying the SUV’s your penis is still small… get over it. How hard is it to get a better, less expensive, fuel saving vehicle!? Oh… and they even have them in “BIG” now… so we can all pretend we go off road sometimes. (then there is spray on dirt if you are too scared).

    It’s sad how far folks will go to gain a little acceptance from “peers”.

    RFID, is a nice technology when used appropriately. Tracking US citizens abroad is absolutely insane! To think that this technology is not interceptable is foolhardy at best. It will be no time before people learn to crack the devices. At which point alterations will occur and the oh so scarey terrorists might just be able to grab a bunch of “patriots” and hold them up for torture, rape, and ransom…

    Woohoo bring on RFID chip implants!

  9. Just imagine all the videos on the internet…. Interracial scenes featuring large Arab men laying pipe for White suburban soccer moms!

    Ahhh… doesn’t that just warm the “patriots” heart… and tingle the loins…