New Ladies of Liberty Calendar Planned

Ladies of Liberty - TinaRachel Mills asks whether it’s time for another Ladies of Liberty calendar (not updated since 2003, 2004). Unfortunately, she’s estimating it will 2009 before it may become a reality:

So what about a high-concept calendar based on Ladies of Liberty behind door #3? Each month deals with one issue and we have the conservative position, the liberal position – both problematic and with lot of mixed media art and captions explaining why. Then there is a paper flap labeled door #3 and the Lady of Liberty is behind that on stark white representing the views of freedom.

Each month would be a lot to look at, a lot to absorb, very different from the last 2.

Production would be a pain. Have to print double the sheets and might have to assemble them myself for that little cutout feature to work… It would be a fun artsy project tho and I have 2 years….


It’s been too long since there’s been any beautiful libertarian eye-candy to adorn the walls around here, and it seems that dry spell may continue a few more years (I gladly let them adorn my arm in the interim). I hope Rachel realizes there’s a huge market potential for this (uh, ever heard of Slashdot or and could make a pretty penny simply by putting out a high-quality version every year (keeping it fresh of course).

UPDATE by Stephen Gordon: Mills is aware of the market potential. One site mentions coverage just from one year:

Rachel Mills, the North Carolina statehouse candidate who starred in the “Ladies of Liberty” lingerie calendar, generated coverage from the Washington Post, the Associated Press and appeared on three national TV shows: Fox News’ O’Reilly Factor, MS/NBC’s “Nachman” and CNN’s “Crossfire.”

  1. I’ve already taken a set of pics previously promised to Rachel for the new edition, if it happens. The name of the model (and her attire) is top secret, though. : )

  2. A Michigan Militia member’s opinion of the “Militia Babes” calendar:

    it demonstrates a level of sophistication you wouldn’t expect of the militia.

    From “Bowling for Columbine