Neither Republican nor Democrat

A recent Rosner Interactive Services poll shows that a large percentage of people are either becoming apolitical or they have recently discovered third parties:

In general, do you find yourself leaning more to the Democratic or Republican party these days?

38% – Democratic
32% – Republican
27% – Neither party
3% – I’m not sure

Let’s hope they discovered libertarianism.

  1. Libertarians have really got to make a push in the next year or so. There is a lot of unrest with the two party system, and hey why not have the Libertarians as a prominent third party.

  2. My folks were Democrats – I never knew what made the difference between the two parties – until I joined the Marine Corps and went to Vietnam. Democrats USED to be the party of the working man – now they appear, to me, to be simply spineless and rudderless, believing that there is NO reason to EVER go to war. With ‘leaders’ such as Ted Kennedy and that phoney John Kerry, is it any wonder?
    Republicans, on the other hand, seem to be generally perceived as ‘pro’ war(s) due, in large part to the money that wars usually generate…and that’s too bad. I see them as people who, while they may have money, also see the reasons to go to war when their backs are up against the wall…and to finish the job, no matter how difficult. After trying all negotiation, there is often no other alternative.
    If the Democrats had their way, we’d all be speaking Farsi. Our enemies have studied us – I strongly suggest the Dems do the same and try to commit it to memory.
    The U.N. is a total joke.