National Media Reports Voters Seek Alternatives to Unpopular Democrats and Republicans

While we certainly welcome press releases at HoT, we generally report the pertinent news or provide commentary about the content, as opposed to passing them on verbatim. The Zeese campaign just stroked our egos by citing both the Washington Post and Hammer of Truth as credible news sources, so we’ll return the gesture by publishing their press release. As always, anyone can submit their press release to our TipsLine.

For Release: December 6, 2005
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Maryland U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Zeese was featured in a national news story yesterday on MSNBC in an article by National Affairs writer, Tom Curry. The focus — voters are ready for an alternative to Democrats and Republicans.

The article ( examined polling data that showed that both the Republicans and Democrats were unpopular with the voters. The article highlighted the Zeese campaign as one to watch. Political blogger Stephen Gordon, writing on “Hammer of Truth” took it a step further saying he had been following Zeese for years and met him in 2004. He predicted Zeese would be among the most likely to break the two party duopoly in 2006. See:

Others are also noticing the unpopularity of the two old parties. The dean of political columnists, David Broder, wrote last week “A Pox on Both Parties.” After reviewing how both parties have failed the voters he concludes: “Leaving behind one big question: When both parties have lost public confidence, where do voters turn?” Full article at:

And, the week before that in an article about the corruption of politicians by political donations from corporate interests, The Washington Post concluded that voters are ready for change:

“…voters’ feelings about Congress have turned upside down since the start of 2001. In January 2001, 59 percent of Americans approved of the way Congress was doing its job and 34 percent disapproved, according a Washington Post-ABC survey. Earlier this month, the same poll showed that 37 percent approved and 59 percent disapproved.

In addition, for the first time in its 15-year history, the Wall Street Journal-NBC poll this year showed that the public’s negative feelings exceeded its positive feelings about both political parties at the same time.” The full article is at:

With Democratic Party registration dropping in Maryland and independent registration growing fastest — there are strong signs that Maryland might be ready for change.

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  1. these dems think that just because we are in the grip of the worse administration in history.. that we are fools enough to vote for hillary clinton and her flag desecration ban.


    you heard it here first.