Move over Vonage?

I just installed a new Voice-Over-IP product today. And it wasn’t from Vonage.

MyPeople has a competitive product to Vonage; it it was the simplest technical installation I have ever been involved with. Turn the router off, plug the phone cord in the phone jack, plug the ethernet cable into the enternet jack, plug it in, and viola. The prices are competitive, and the service is superior.

On top of being extremely user friendly, the instructions are friendly and inviting. Their website is, too. Even after logging in and playing with the technical issues involved with the service, it was still friendly and inviting. The most complicated part was setting up the voice mail, but that was easier than T-Mobile’s latest voice mail system.

For those of you looking for new VOIP service, I’d suggest checking out MyPeople. And be sure to tell them I sent you (they track referrals by phone number or name). I’d like the free months of service for the referrals that you all are eligible to receive, too.

Give them a call at 1-866-5-mypeople and a real person (who actually knows what he or she is talking about) will answer right away. Or you can find out more online right here.

Stephen Gordon

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  1. Hm, they’re quite short on technical details, unfortunately. Though these are all features available through an Asterisk setup, which makes me suspect that that’s what they’re using.

    If you have a little know-how and possibly a little help, you can actually set up a do-it-yourself VoIP phone company. Even if you’re the only customer. By doing it yourself, you could pay as little as $2 a month, depending on how much you use it.

  2. I have the My People service and it’s great. Very easy to set up. I make lots of long distance calls to my family outside of my home area. The cost is wonderful. Paying just under $26 per month is unreal when it comes to phone service. The reminder calls and the wake up calls are a godsend.

    The only downside to My People is the jingle that plays when you pick up the phone. I prefer the old school dial tone, but I was told that it will be an available option in the future.

  3. I’m starting to get used to the music and may end up enjoying it more than a ring tone. It would be cool if there was some selection process for music styles, though.

  4. For us older folks just speaking the phone number is terrific…what we agonized over with our cell phones. You don’t have to have your glasses on to call a number.Also, the pickup on voice mail is the same, just ask for it. Love the whole system and have already used the one call, tell all. The future is here.