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Don’t dictate to me, Canadian leader tells U.S., reads the CNN headline.

Prime Minister Paul Martin escalated a war of words with the United States on Wednesday, telling Washington not to dictate to him what topics he can raise in the run-up to Canada’s January 23 election.

This particular tif is over “a bilateral trade dispute over softwood lumber ” — a topic over which I could personally give a spotted owl’s left teat. It would be nice to see this new don’t f* with our sovereignty attitude spill over to more important issues, such as freeing Marc Emery from the clutches of the DEA. Time will tell if Martin actually grew large enough cajones to protect the rights of Emery, or is merely posturing for votes.

Rummy is in trouble again, this time over the FEMA travesty in NOLA. The AP reports:

A House committee investigating the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina issued a subpoena Wednesday to force Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to turn over documents but stopped short of sending a similar legal demand to the White House.

The subpoena commands Rumsfeld to produce internal records and communications about the Pentagon’s response to the Aug. 29 storm, including efforts to send supplies to victims, stabilize public safety and mobilize active duty forces along the Gulf Coast. It requires the Pentagon to deliver the documents, spanning from Aug. 23 to Sept. 15, from Rumsfeld and eight other top military officials by Dec. 30.

The latest round in Rs who blame Ds who blame Rs who blame Ds is a classic example of how government does not work. This point will be missed by most as long as they are diverted to the political he said/she said sideshow. This is especially true since neither party has the political clout to create a hurricane, and most of the deaths were a direct result of government trying to outsmart mother nature in the first place.

More on Corey Maye. There seems to be some disagreement about the spelling of Maye’s first name. Wiki currently has it listed as Corey on the title line, but Cory under his picture. Also, a friend of HoT brings this to our attention:

This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s…

Here is the stated reason at Wiki:

This is a non-notable person. The article was apparently created and is maintained by several bloggers, and links to no other articles in NoSeptember talk 19:34, 15 December 2005 (UTC)

Your comments here are very important.

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  1. ***Clean it up!? Well there is a novel idea… almost makes me wish we had posted it to a forum that allows that to happen in an open manner. If it is deleted no more than 3 days after it is posted in the first place where is the collaboration to come from? Do you understand what the strength of an interactive and user managed Wiki is?

    My little addition to the AFD page on Wiki. As I think the deletor’s comments are off base and minimal and do not offer substantial reason to delete the Cory Maye wikipedia entry. As the “deletors” have a history of deleting comments on the AFD’s they deem “non-notable” I figured it would be good to archive it here…. where free speech is appreciated and loved.

  2. I noticed your comment on the wiki site. Thanks!

    BTW, we have limitations on free speech here, too. We hate spam and people who ramble over 1000 characters per comment. If they wish to blog here, the invitation is open, though. :)

    Other than those restrictions, this is truly a free speech zone (with the proper meaning of the words).

  3. Why do Canadians keep talking about sovereignty when you still bow to Queen Elizabeth II and pay taxes to her to support her personal life style? The CIA World Factbook online lists Queen Elizabeth II as the chief of state of Canada and there are no elections to replace her, she is a monarch, and the monarchy is hereditary. The whole world is laughing at you Canadians! Canadians who are Jewish, Vietnamese, Native Indian, etc. can never become a chief of state, you are fighting a glass ceiling made of bullet proof glass, you are all racially and sexually discriminated against because you cannot achieve the job title: chief of state. So, stop pretending you care about sovereignty. Either become a “real” country or quit your whining! Marc Emery might want to consider a face transplant and a sex change.

  4. In reply to Cris:

    Are you for real? Do you really believe that the queen has any political power in Canada? She doesnt even in England.

    The whole world is laughing at us because of the queen??? YOU PEOPLE ELECTED BUSH FOR CHRIST SAKES.

    This is why the world despises YOU. Arrogant insularity. Power backed up with ignorance. INVASION OF SOVERIRGN NATIONS ON TRUMPED UP FALSE CHARGES. Failure to follow the rules of and respect international agreements like NAFTA (the meat of this softwood lumber dispute)

    Lets be very clear: You are far too ignorant and disrespectful of the rest of the world to claim to know what they think.

  5. FluffyBob has a good point. I find that the Queen tramples on less rights than Bush, Halliburton and Company.

    One point tho – I didn’t friggin’ vote for Bush!!!!!!

  6. On topic of Martin, it’s fairly simple. Although the U.S is our largest and most important trading partner, the general population has a slight disdain for U.S politics under Bush. Hence, taking pot shots during an election gives him a boost in the eyes of Canadians. A great example would be a proud father watching his child pummel another child in a hockey game. We know it’s not right, but we still have an appreciation of it.

    RE: Cris Ericson’s Comment

    Cris, to give you a better understanding. The only remaining role that the Queen carries is through the Governor General. If you would like to learn more about how our system of Government works with respect to the Monarchy, I suggest you start there (

    RE: Fluffy Bob

    When you use all caps and resort to name-calling you only proliferate the idea that all Canadians live in Igloo’s, wear flanel, drink beer, and say “eh” entirely too often. Although it’s nice to see a nationalist in Canada, bravo.

  7. I thought all Canadians had split heads, too. But then again, SouthPark is my primary news source.

  8. Brandon,

    It is a pop culture joke.

    Canadians are depicted on the left, and U.S. citizens on the right — thus the source of the split head line.