Missing Home: the Good, Bad and Indifferent

I am still in Bangkok and I am enjoying a quiet moment. Jet lag has the rest of the family in bed and I am feeling a bit homesick. To combat that ache, I opened www.dallasnews.com and went to my normal starting point- the Op-Ed page. Sunday’s letters section is always grouped by subject matter, and of late, there is a whole section dealing with patriotism and the war. I remembered a George Washington quote and thought to look it up- I wanted to share what I felt reading it years ago. I found much wisdom (as well as contradiction) attributed to Washington, but came across a quote that I did not remember. “An army of asses led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by an ass.” I think this may accurately reconcile the opposing ideas of support for the troops and disdain for the commander’s cause. I never did find the quote I was looking for- I was asked to register for the site and thought that time may be better spent taking advantage of the free mini bar. As I enjoy Thailand’s brew, I will be thinking of our lions. May they have an ass for dinner soon.

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