Missile Defense Test Fails . . . Again

missile defense shield fails againChrist, at this point I’m tempted to just recycle the headline I used from December (“Pentagon: These Missiles were made for Launching… But that’s not what they do”) and see if anyone notices.

From CBS — Missile Defense Fails Test Again:

In Monday’s test, the interceptor missile was to target a mock ICBM fired from Kodiak Island, Alaska. The target missile launched at 1:22 a.m. Monday EST without any problems, but the interceptor did not launch.

The previous test, on Dec. 15, failed under almost identical circumstances. The target missile launched, but the interceptor did not. Military officials later blamed that failure on fault-tolerance software that was oversensitive to small errors in the flow of data between the missile and a flight computer. The software shut down the launch; officials said they would decrease the sensitivity in future launches.

So anyone else wonder if decreasing the sensitivity means this thing might fire an interceptor at say, a passing 747? Hey whatever, Pentagon dudes, it’s only another billion down the toilet (current rate is $830m per month allocated to the program). At least they didn’t blame it on clouds this time.

Bonus corollary: I explicitly mentioned the program should be cut in my faux press release for the LP. Can you imagine the ruckus they could have raised in the media at being vindicated a mere 6 days later?

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