“Mile High” Legalized in Denver

A 54% vote in favor of legalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana for adults in Denver, Colorado may give new meaning to the city’s nickname as the Mile High city. Under the new measure, anyone over the age of 21 could legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use (via Catallarchy).

The group backing the legalization — SAFER, or Safer Alternatives For Enjoyable Recreation — argued that legalizing marijuana would reduce consumption of alcohol, which campaign organizer Mason Tvert said leads to higher rates of car accidents, domestic and street violence and crime. Opponents such as Mayor John Hickenlooper, were criticized for protecting alcohol consumption and their ties to the alcohol industry (Hickenlooper owns a popular brewpub).

While the measure passing is to be commended, and shows that there is popular support for ending the war on drugs, pragmatists pointed out that most possession charges are filed on the state and federal level, outside the jurisdiction of Denver municipal courts.

Still, high fives to Denver residents for voting for what they believe in and not buying into the reefer madness hype.

Update: Last One Speaks has a link to an incredibly tempered Fox News video clip.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. This is no small victory. Well, it is, but it could have larger ramifications. Denver must have more residents than any other city in Colorado, so if this resolution passed in Denver there must be a decent chance it could pass statewide. Plus, that’s another fact proponents of marijuana legalization point to when debating drug warriors.

  2. An ounce is a good amount. In Louisiana, a good, medicinal ounce will cost 350-400 bux. I hope none of you are smoking schwag. Yes, this is huge news and will put the issue mainstream. The Denver mayor first needs to kill himself for being such a schmuck.

  3. woohoo!!! they announced yesterday the decriminalization in Colorado (meaning an ounce or less just gets you a small $100 or less fine) and today they announced the legalization of an oz in denver. there are 11 other states that have decriminalized it so maybe they will follow suit! i think it was a VERY intelligent descision.

  4. Not that kind of ounce. Not marijuana measurments but English measurments. I thought the same thought I was thinking to myself “wtf an ounce is a lot!”

  5. This is a step in the right direction, but remember…. Dont be irresponsible with it, dont mess it up for the rest of us Colorado! Show the goveremtn its not a big deal so Wisconsin can have it. lol

  6. A win for thinking Americans. A win for ALL Americans pockets. A win for all those that know for a fact that withdrawal from Alcohol is 100 times worse than the non-withdrawal from Marijuana.

    Sad that most of the Marijuana laws stem from racism on the part of white folks toward Hispanic laborers during the early 1900’s.

  7. It’s about time we have it legilized. There is so many people in jail for marijuana, I will move to Denver and work. (FOR SURE) “hooray for the smokers”

  8. It’s about time something changed. This is long past due. I hope that other cities/states will see the benefits in this and will also change their laws. Way to go Denver. I also wish that the people who oppose marijuana will do some research to learn how it really affects you. Oh, and one last thing…smoke it if you got it.

  9. “The biggest killer on the planet is stress and I still think the best medicine is and always has been cannabis.”

  10. it will be a huge economic improvement in Denver
    Providing sources for paper glue rope and non contaminated fuel cannabis will also proof to be the cure for morning sickness

  11. that is so tight!! im in florida and im actually thinkin of movin there!!!! CONGRADULATIONS COLORADO!! dont fuck it up for everyone else. if i dont move there maybe florida can have some too!!! =)

  12. Wow the world is finally coming to some sense. Or Denver is anyways. I think this is the best thing people could vote on because buds are so innocent. When you look at it physically, alcohol is much worse for your body. Thank god Denver. We just need that law in Lakeville now.

  13. This a happy moment yes ,but think about how the governments going to tax it they were making more money off it illegal than legal . they probably made a 8 figure income on a regular just from court charges. it will probably be more expensive than gas. i hope this is a ggod thing i would love to see west virginia legalize it.