Maryland: Take this Toilet Tax and Flush it

toilet snorkelIn what makes about as much sense as a toilet snorkel — Charles County, The state of Maryland is pissing off homeowners on well and septic systems by charging them a “flush tax” for a service they don’t even use (via Sploid):

“People are coming in here saying, ‘I have a two-hole outhouse, I’m not going to pay you.’ ” Peuler said. “We have a saying around here: ‘You pee, you poo, you pay.’ The three P’s, you know?”
Garrett County was “bombarded” with calls after billing 10,335 well and septic users in October, said Wendy Yoder, director of the county’s financial services department. Some callers flatly refused to pay, but Yoder says she’s encouraged that only about a quarter of those billed did not pay

The new tax bill is hardly fair to these residents, who are essentially helping to subsidize a system they have chosen not to connect themselves to, yet they are expected to pay for upgrades and maintenance. Not only that, but a portion of the tax will go towards some unrelated pork in a program to fund a cover-crop program that encourages farmers to plant crops that absorb nitrogen.
I say flush the toilet tax, bravo to the residents who refuse to pay it.
Update: Homeland Stupidity sez, “The tax is a state tax; it’s the county taxing authorities, though, who are charged with collecting it.”
[image credit: The toilet snorkel]

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