Marijuana No Longer the Key Gateway Drug

Anecdotal data already indicate that Viagra use leads to pornography, polygamy, and even death. If this trend continues, older people may actually start engaging in sexual activites which don’t even include the missionary position. Considering the absurd position of the DEA on marijuana prohibition, these data should already be more than enough to forever prohibit this evil drug which actually can kill.
New evidence suggests that Viagra is the pill of choice for people using illicit recreational drugs. From the article:

“Viagra has been the number one party pill since it was released,” said Paul Quigley, emergency medicine specialist at Wellington Hospital.
Partygoers report many party pills and illicit drugs make them amorous but unable to perform. They see Viagra and other similar drugs as the perfect finale to their weekend cocktail.
“Most recreational drugs make you very randy but you can’t do much about it,” said Quigley, an expert in recreational drugs. “That’s the standard mix to go out in the evening – to make sure you take some Viagra with you.”
Viagra is a common addition to illegal party pill packs combined with “uppers” for Friday and Saturday night, as well as “downers” to help clubbers sleep on Sunday before work.

Not only might one argue that Viagra is frequently abused by people taking it for recreational use, but it also leads to more dangerous activities. The strength of the DEA argument against marijuana has always rested on the distortion fact that marijuana is a gateway drug. Viagra is much more of a gateway drug, as it is not only associated with the use of hard (no pun intended) drugs, but it also leads to such things as marital enhancement for those with erectile dysfunction and the restoration of healthy sex lives for our elderly. Like marijuana, it must be outlawed today before our society slips into further decay.
Update By Jake Porter: Let’s not forget the government funded Viagra.