LP.org Sponsors T-Shirt Contest

So the LP is having a libertarian t-shirt design contest. They are using the over-priced, under-quality Cafe Press, but I can’t really knock them for that because it’s convenient for them to pursue that avenue.

I’m thinking this is a really good time to cross-plug the Hammer of Truth billboard design contest too, since the submission deadline is only a week away: Friday, July 29th.

How about submitting to both? Maybe we can get some kickass tees and a really good billboard in downtown DC to converge at the same time?

  1. Billboards would be great, but how are we going to pay for them? I renewed my memebership with the LP nearly a year ago and they don’t even have their shit together enough to send me my card or any other acknoledgement for that matter.

    A recent suggestion of the Badnarik.org site seems to be a very good idea to me. He has a copy of his class on CD now. This would have been an EXCELLENT means to get the word out, and thus get votes in the last (and future) elections! People are too lazy to read. They want to sit on their bums and have the TV spoon feed them. All future LP candidates would benefit from such an advertising method IMO.

  2. … I left out an important part. These DVDs should be given away for free to anyone that requests one and by activitists handing them out at various events…

  3. Mike, if just 10% of the people who read Hammer of Truth donated $30, we’d be able to run one billboard in DC.

    If 10% of the people who read this blog and several of the other libertarian blogs I link to donated only $10, we’d be able to run multiple bilboards in DC, NYC, LA, SF and ATL.

    This will happen regardless of the naysayers, ask yourself if you want to be involved or poo poo it and deflect to other ideas (which are valid, but not on the table at the moment).

  4. Hey Stephen,
    Are you going to set up some kind of online donation system? Also, I could be wrong but I think explicit political advertising (even for a party, not a candidate) could run into some legal issues. Is a PAC needed for this?

  5. No poo poo, just asking how we are going to pay for them. It would be great if all liberty-minded blogs would band together and encourage all readers to donate to a Billboard/advertising campaign that is not affiliated with the LP.

  6. Stephen, write up a blog entry for the main LP.org site and I would be be happy to post.