LP.org and the LNC

Does anyone know when/where the next national convention is (I heard it was to be in San Diego but could be wrong)? I can’t seem to find a calendar of events over at the “revamped” LP.org website.

Drop a line in the comments if you know anything or have anything to say about their site.

UPDATE: The 2006 Libertarian National Convention is scheduled to take place June 30th to July 2nd at the Downtown Portland, OR Hilton (thanks Mr. X for the location info). You can view the Google cache of the press release (the lp.org redesign seems to have moved a lot of stuff around and not left any forwarding addresses).

Personally, I think lpconvention.org should have been switched over to a splash page with bare minimum information after the Atlanta convention instead of this stagnation we see now, but who knows what’s going on at the LNC anymore these days.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. The site should discuss issues that already have the nation’s attention. Like it or not, the LP has to realized that for most Americans, the media determines what they’re thinking about. LP.org should have always have a prominent link to the LP’s proposed (preferrably pragmatic) solutions for whichever issues are currently being discussed.

  2. OK, Portland… any idea on the date? For some reason “during the period of July of an odd-numbered year through August of an even-numbered year” seems a little vague to me. :p