LP Takes on Bill O’Reilly

I just received an email with the Open Letter to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly from the LP. Apparently they are taking umbrage with Bill’s comments on The O’Reilly Factor that somehow denigrated Libertarians:

“I’m not a ‘Star Wars’ fan. I can’t tell a Wookie from a Libertarian.”

Now here’s a battle I find amusing, because it’s almost like the LP is picking a fight that isn’t really worth it. O’Reilly is a polemic who self-righteously spouts about whatever pops into his little head and proclaims it as the one truth while telling his guests to “SHUT UP… CUT HIS MIKE!” What’s the point in telling this guy what a libertarian is, he clearly isn’t going to listen.

Here’s how the LP responded:

[…] While I appreciate the light-hearted, comedic manner in which you were offering this observation, hopefully this letter will give you some much needed insight into the array of people across the nation who are proud members of the Libertarian Party.

While Democrats and Republicans constantly speak of “freedom” and “liberty” their actions contradict their words. Libertarians believe in — […blah blah blah we’re not wookies *yawn* — you get the idea…]

Now while I do see the point of the LP responding to O’Reilly, I don’t think it deserved an entire spiel to somehow inform O’Reilly of what Libertarians are, because the man is simply using hyperbole in a daft manner. Indeed, I would have kept the response to his little joke more succinct and volleyed a back-handed repertoire right back at him:

While I appreciate the light-hearted, comedic manner in which you were offering this observation, hopefully you could clear up a question for us on what the difference is between a Bill O’Reilly and a Jabba the Hut.

Best Regards,

Joe “Chewbacca” Seehusen
Rebel Sqaudron Supplies Manager
Libertarian National Committee, Inc.

Now really, isn’t that a much better response?

UPDATE: Good God, the conversation spawned a blog post over at LP.org — I have a gut feeling this is going to grow considerably and a whole new genre of jokes is born to give talk show hosts more anti-libertarian fodder: “What’s the difference between a wookie and a libertarian? Hyuck!”

I’m having a hard time not spewing out a few one-liners myself, but here’s one that I can’t resist:

Q: What’s the difference between a wookie and a Libertarian senator?
A: Both are fictional characters, but at least you know what the wookie looks like.

These are really too easy, perhaps we shouldn’t have opened this can of worms.

INSPIRATION UPDATE: If it’s publicity the LP wants, I’ll put my money where my mouth is and in $20 towards any real fundraising effort where an actor dressed up as Chewbacca goes in front of a camera and explains what the Libertarian Party is (bonus points for being clever). Another $20 to pay for airtime during The O’Reilly Factor.

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. Bring back the funny press releases. At least then I got a chuckle out of the LP being ignored.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. X

    …attacking the Death Star…

  2. you’re a trip……
    the sad part for me is that I know what a Libertarian is but I’ve never seen ‘Star Wars’ and I have no idea what a wookie is.
    please advise…..haha