LP Financially Insolvent?

Stephen Gordon has dug up the numbers on the National Libertarian Party budget to date and found a worrisome trend:

For the first half year, the total expenses were $804,000, under the budgeted $926,000, but the cash outflow for the first half-year was still more than $50,000, and at this point the cupboard is bare.

Gordon isn’t making any predictions on solvency, and appears to have all his facts in order to post such an exhaustive analysis of the FY2005 to date for the LNC. However, the recent membership drive doesn’t seem to be factored in, nor does the recent activity on the web strategy, which may very well tip them back into the black.

Now, I’m not one to sound the alarms over budgeting or income shortfalls before they’ve been fully exposed and dissected, however it does seem mysterious that Executive Director Joe Seehusen has bailed out just as his contract had been renewed.

Could this be a hint that the recent fundraising strategy didn’t quite meet expectations? Who knows. But from the looks of things, this is going to be interesting to watch unfold.

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