1. I like the reference to the days of the Revolution, but I don’t know if the metaphor is super clear. It almost seems like libertarians support the Patriot Act (like we’re suggesting thinking of the current Patriot Act as a modern-day Boston Tea Party).

    I know might not be the most objective source…

  2. I would hope the audience would be so intrigued they would visit lp.org.

    After all, my intention: make people scratch their heads a little and check out the site. We don’t have the space to spell out our ideology on a billboard, and frankly that’s boring in my opinion.

    And everyone should feel free to alter someone else’s here, if you see a good start but a mixed finish on an idea and think you can do it better, by all means, let’s act like a meritocracy.

  3. No you’re right, it is attention grabbing. And I like that it puts libertarians on the “left” side of the traditional political spectrum, as I think we’re [wrongly] stereotyped as being right-wingers. Plus I like the simplicity of the wording.

  4. Yo, Stephen – this one really rocks. It has all of the elements (history, taxes, civil liberties, patriotic values, and the spirit of civil disobedience) to catch the public eye.

    Combined with the clean graphics and simple statement, this one could be a hit.

  5. agreed… go with this one. Could be used on a billboard, but it’s simple enough to be a logo for letterhead, business cards, etc.

  6. heck, now that I think about it, I’d definitely wear this one on a tee-shirt or hat.

    Sure, the advertising isn’t as broad, but it’s certainly a good conversation starter.

  7. so far I like this the best!

    but let’s not close out the contest just yet, there still may be a doosie just around the corner.