1. I think this is pathetic and so is your website!

    How observant of you to recognize that you will be losers in the next election! Do you wonder why only a few people vote for your party and your unearthly concepts. That shows just how contorted your ideology really is. Why do you even bother? You’ll never win!

    Let me point out that “L” stands for both Libertarian and Loser.

  2. Thanks…glad you guys like it. I corrected some punctuation and the revised version can be found via the link to my site that Stephen posted.

    I would especially like to thank Spamwa for setting us poor delusional bastards straight. I honestly thought the LP was going to sweep not only the 06 but also the 08 elections. If he had not told me that Libertarians are a bunch of losers, I might have mistakenly thought otherwise.

    That could have been an embarrasing situation. Thanks again Spamwa!

  3. I gotta agree that we are Los… er… somebody get that Spamwa out of my head. ;)

    What I actually agree with is that this one does look pretty good, too. The more of these I see the more I think it’s going to be a pretty hard field to vote on.