1. I’m not too hot on this one. I REALLY like the concept, but I’m not sure I would necessarily shove it on the smoking ban issue. I think that issue has enough folks on the “Could care less” and the “Adamant against smoking” crowd to lessen the message of checking out what the LP is about. Obiously the latter group may be much less likely to be libertarian in their leanings, but the former might be folks you’d want to get the attention of.

  2. I agree… I am for personal choice but I choose not to be a smoker and choose to avoid people while they are smoking.

    I’d rather focus on a more important liberty. I think that cigarettes have been sensationalized and brought even more into the light.

    RealID, “Patriot” Act, no child left behind, repeal of amendment 22, and other tyrannical posturing worry me much more than a smoking ban in restaurants.

    I rather enjoy the fact that I can take my 2 year old son to a restaurant and enjoy it smokeless. I sucked enough of that crap down as a kid growing up around it… during the age of ignorance (the 1980’s)

  3. I’d agree with everyone else. I’ve got bigger things on my mind than the smoking ban, which I tend to like (as I’m a non-smoker). Plus, I don’t really think it’s a very important Libertarian issue. It’s like one of those tiny little pieces of wood you use to fill in a crack in your platform – not an actual plank.

    Now, drug prohibition, eminent domain, Real ID, PATRIOT, etc. are ideas I could get behind.

  4. I like it! I’m thrilled to see my party taking a stand against the health Nazis. We’re the only ones who ever do.

  5. The problem is Americans like “selective” freedoms. If I like the freedom, then it should be a freedom. If I don’t like it, then it should be banned. I am not a smoker but that does not give me a right to take smoking freedom away from a smoker. What about a gun owner? If you do not own a gun, then do you want to take that freedom away from a gun owner? Seems there is a double standard. Read the Bill of Rights. All or nothing.

  6. Guns and Smoking… ok I guess we can compare them…

    – They both kill.

    Let’s talk about the children, perhaps they can bring this “freedom” that you talk of into perspective.


    We lock up guns because it is obvious if a child kills themselves with a firearm. If a parent smokes with a child in the car… at home… etc… the killing of that child and the effect on the lungs and brain are not evident. Does the child choose to inhale your smoke? I bet your child would rather be playing with you than inhaling that garbage.

    You want to smoke? Fine… If I am going to a bar… I would expect it. If I am going to a family restaurant and you light up…. I’ll ask you to leave. You may not want to face the responsibility you have toward your children but you better damn well respect mine.

    With that being said the issue is moot as it is an issue of thought and of decency NOT of government intervention.

  7. I choose not to smoke. I choose to either visit a smoking bar or not. You can choose whether to be around smokers or not. If you are a responsible adult, you make the decisions for your children. You can also choose whether to own guns or not. You can also choose whether to hunt or not or go to a gun range. Where are the sensibilities when it comes to freedom? Is this not the problem with big government deciding what is best for us because they don’t believe we are capable of making decisions for our families and ourselves? This is called government intrusion into our lives. I am still of the opinion that those of you that are calling yourselves liberterians after reading some of your statements are for selective freedoms. If it suits you, then you want the freedom. If it does not, then take it away and to hell with your fellow Americans. If you do not like smokers, then don’t hang around with them or visit the places they frequent. What do you want to do? Shame them and ban them from society?

    I own guns. Try taking them away from me or banning them. You will have hell to pay. I guarantee that. Leave us alone if you do not like freedoms and go back to reading moveon.org.

  8. Wow… with that last statement…. you are already Libertarian…. shhhh don’t look over your shoulder the Republican party is watching. You misunderstood me, but that was my fault I am not very articulate.