Losing Public Support? Just Add Insurgents!

We all know public support for the Iraq war is waning, much to the dismay of Bush and company. So what is a military to do to win the public back?

Well, 2 under cover UK soldiers went undercover posing as Arabs and began firing at the Iraqi police!

That’s pretty low. The UK is essentially using it’s own soldiers as fodder to keep stirring up the pot, probably to justify keeping our troops in Iraq to fight those darned insurgents. In summary, our soldiers are there to stop insurgents. And when the insurgents stop attacking, we pick up the slack!

And this was the first time they got caught… it’s unclear how long this may have been going on. After all, if Bush and Blair want to stay in Iraq, is it in their best interest for peace? Peace would mean a pullout, and that puts a big damper on their plans for Iran.

Update by Stephen VanDyke: This is only the tip of the iceberg of this scandal. Sploid is following the full coverage, including the story of how British troops busted their comrades out of jail, freeing 150 inmates in the process:

In a major show of force, British soldiers used tanks to break down the walls of the central jail in this southern city late Monday and freed two Britons, allegedly undercover commandos, who had been arrested on charges of shooting two Iraqi policemen.

About 150 Iraqi prisoners also fled as British commandos stormed inside and rescued their comrades, said Aquil Jabbar, an Iraqi television cameraman who lives across the street from the jail.

Update by Rick Rajter: Wow, these “undercover cops” certainly bring a lot of weaponry on their secret missions… photo courtesy of reuters.

There are some that are speculating (of course we can all speculate and some ideas are plausible and others can be stupid), that the UK and US, with it’s immense desire to stay in Iraq, might be inciting violence and attacks as a reason to stay and prevent these very same attacks! Bizzaro world, strikes again.

  1. Apparently the soldiers were part of a group responsable for rooting out corruption amongst the competing Shi ‘ite Arab fanctions, which have infiltrated the Iraqi police (NPR). Gang warfare in Iraq is pretty common, and what better criminal ally than “the Fuzz.” The IP after arresting the 2 then proceded to hand them over to a militia group; there’s a good idea, hand over prisoners to the mob.

  2. It took almost 7 years for Japan and 11 years for Germany to both be strong Democracies and now we all are reaping the benefits of that long hard fight. Our parents, grand parents and many soldiers from many different countries that most of us will never know fought hard and fierce and some gave their lives for Democracy. Now it is our time to stand up and fight for Democracy and give to not only our children and grand children but to all the people of the world the same freedoms that we have all benefited from, Democracy.


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  3. Ricky Ratter,

    Ever been in the military? Have any idea the type of dangerous missions special ops soldiers must perform? How do you know they were not involved in undercover work looking for insurgents/terrorists within the Iraqi police and military. I know because I was one of them once.

    You can read more bullshit and speculation into a story than anyone I know. I have no idea why Stephen even invites you to write anything on his site.

    You antisoldier asshole can kiss my ass. Respond and I will tell you who I am, where I live, and how we can meet face to face. I am interested in seeing how brave and patriotic you really are, you coward piece of turd.

    Bet you do not have the gonads to find out who I am, You little shit.

  4. Stephen,

    What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you not rise above the mud fighters and take a higher road? You can do better than some of the off the wall crap you are putting on your site. I challenge you to use your full faculties, including your brain, and get out of the muck and put something redeeming on your site. Some of the stuff lately has been over the top. Why let others talk for you? You are smart enough to rise above this implied conspiracy crap some of your so called guest writers are promulgating. Send them to write for the Sci-Fi Channel or banish them to the wanna be writers grave yard.

  5. Higher road? Please tell me what that would be Julian. Perhaps we can torture more of those “terrorists” abu ghraib style. You know, the ones we basically pull of the streets as suspects that have no freagin clue what al qaeda is up to, but beat the shit out of them anyway. Just cause we can. Please tell me what isn’t acceptable in your book. Is everything allowable?

    And btw. would kicking my ass prove that the Iraq occupation is justifiable? Yes, I would travel all the way to your town, show up at your door, and let you kick my ass just to prove to me that the Iraq war is justified. I’ll get right on that.

    No, I’ve never been in the military. I don’t want to be an expandable life just to get oil.

  6. Ricky Ratter,

    You are on, asshole. My address is as follows:

    Julian Van Dyke
    8160 Pine Drive
    Rye, Colorado 81069

    You will know you have the right place when you turn into the drive and see the sign that says, “forget about the dog, beware of the owner”. I’ll be waiting for you to put either foot on my property. Let me explain something to you. I AM THE TRUE LIBERTARIAN. I have my doubts about you. Now that you know who I am, still going to show up?

  7. Julian:
    I AM THE TRUE LIBERTARIAN. I have my doubts about you. Now that you know who I am, still going to show up?

    HAHAHAHAHA hahaha.. haha… he… Man, that’s CLASSIC! A virtual bar brawl… just when I thought I saw everything. (SIGH)

  8. Tony,

    Article 4, Section 4 of the constitution tells us that we are a republic.

    George Washington also said that we should have no entangling alliences. We attack one country but forget about the human rights violations of another.

    I am neither for nor against the Iraq war but in a democracy it is two wolves and one sheep voting for what they are going to have to eat.