Looky Who Updated their Website

Caesar Mike DixonHat tip to reader Greg for sending an email letting me know LP.org had updated the CPAC image on their website (for reference, see here). The officials page is still broken. Looks like our campaign to transform the LP is having some effect. Apparently not much.

It would have been nice if someone from the LP had sent the email though… the number of responses anyone I know has gotten from national remains at ZERO. I’m baffled that we’ve told them we could bring in more donations but they don’t seem to care.

This means we should all work twice as hard at promoting cohesive communications and web strategy within the LP. The proposal will be ready soon, and I don’t think they want us to send this to every delegate… and supporter, and donor, and volunteer whose email address we have. Because we will do that if that’s what it takes. Push comes to shove, we will remove the LNC curmugeons and replace them with grassroots-aware members. The DNC isn’t the only party with a base pissed off at it’s Washington counterparts.

And speaking of big donors, I’ve become aware that Silicon Valley is largely techno-libertarian (and techno-rich, duh). So why is it the Santa Clara County LP website looks like complete bollocks next to the City of San Jose website? Would you trust a party that can’t even outperform the government in the simple area of web design and presentation? This is the level marketplace of ideas, and folks… we’re losing.

Why does the SCLP even need it’s own website? At the very most they need to have a calendar and a news/press release page. That could be a section of the overall CALP site. But wait, isn’t that all the CALP needs? Why not have the tools for the states and localities to manage their content without having to deal with the hassle of web design, hosting, independent newsletters, etcetera etcetera?

This is a systemic problem in the LP, we have thousands of little mediocre websites (no really, look) being maintained by thousands of volunteer and/or paid webmasters when in fact we should be working to build the tools to harness that energy into one website where a visitor could plug in his zip code and be presented with news from every group up the chain. These kinds of tools already exist and would take very little modification… so why doesn’t the LP listen to those of us who know how to implement these types of things?

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. Hey Stephen,

    Good job! I hope the proposal is done sooner rather than later. I think that you should send it to every libertarian that you know (or email that you have). How is your “moveon.org” type site coming along? Remember that I said I would support you in your cause and Im sure many others would too. Where is your donation form for your cause? I know that you do a great amount of good work for liberty. Keep it up!


  2. Jeremiah,

    Actually, PushLiberty.org will launch publicly shortly (when it’s done). It’s a hybrid between Google News and Blogdex, but with only libertarian blogs. It should pay for itself with Google adsense and be a low maintenance site with big return. There is a headline box for activism as well that works similar to the other topics so don’t fret about that.

    The site is meant to be an enabler, not a pure activism site… it will make sense when I launch (and all the Republican and Democrat geeks will wail and gnash their teeth in envy).

  3. Stephen,

    Sounds good. I just want to make sure that there is a way to fund (and/or help create) national ads and commercials to aid in the fight for freedom.

    I hope that we could get a lot of these changes before the 2006 elections. Lets show the NLP how it is done.

  4. I have a great slogan for ‘pushliberty.org’

    “For those addicted to Freedom” (something along those lines)

  5. LOL! I love that pic of Dixon, I want that on a t-shirt for the California LP conv.

    Rock on, what you are saying is exactly true!

  6. I certainly agree than many Libertarian sites suck, including Santa Clara County, where I serve as secretary. We’re working actively to correct that. Furthermore, I agree that there are tools out there to build these sites easily and cheaply and no one should have a sucky site. However, I strongly disagree that local chapters should have minimal sites. Leveraging the power of the Web–blogs on local issues, e-mail groups, Meetups, Google Ad campaigns–is the key to getting our message out to the wired world.

    I always find it interesting when people who tout grassroots efforts claim that, in order to effect their “grassroots” policies, they must topple the current leadership. Instead of focusing on changing the leadership, why not help county parties get better websites? Create a cheap, template solution that can be implemented for