Look Busy Around Here

So, the site is slowly coming together and taking shape (my very own links list, weeee). It still looks like shit in IE, but what are ya gonna do?

Anyways, after a month-and-a-half hiatus, somehow the traffic to this site has managed to increase by about 150 visitors a day, yet the number of people reading via RSS is pretty much the same. I’m pretty fucking baffled at the RSS half, and figured most people would sign up for RSS and ride out the wait. The increase in traffic is due in large part to Google finally delinking this domain from another old domain I had forwarding to it (the one I use just for email now). That’s a hint, yo… pop that aggregator cherry.

Oh, and congratulations to my dad for getting married in a couple weeks (5th 4th time’s a charm?). He’s been married (and divorced) so many times, Willie Nelson has him on speed-dial when he needs to write a new song.

So what’s up with you?

UPDATE: Ok, so I obviously did’t truly know how many times my dad had been married before and the count was padded a bit. Congrats to him none-the-less, and I hope his past experiences have galvanized his common sense a little.

Stephen VanDyke

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  1. Holy crap that font is HUGE! The link list looks like about 24px… ;-)

    Going on with me? Same ole same ole… my site still blows worse than yours my friend! But hey… my visits keep increasing as well.

    Perhaps it is due to that new phenomena of network news reading the blogs on air….. Jon Stewart yet again calls network news out to cover real news. Apparently there is this whole genocide thing happening yet again in yet another part of the world.

    Well… I guess THEY don’t require the US to bomb them into Democracy (2) … or was that merely hypocrisy (2)!?

    Do I want OUR troops there!? Hell no! I want United Nations troops there… specifically from surrounding member countries! It’s time to end our reign as the “World Police”!

  2. Concerning the marriage, I actually came up with a few jokes:

    My dad’s been married so many times…

    … the county started making the licenses out: “To whom it may concern”
    … Willie Nelson has him on speed-dial every time he writes a new song.
    … U-haul sent him 2 gift cards as a wedding present — one to move her in… one to move him out.
    … even J-Lo is cracking jokes.
    … he’s in physical therapy for “banquet elbow.”
    … lawyers come to the reception to throw business cards.
    … instead of writing “Just Married” on the limo, it’s now “Just Kidding.”

    That’s just a few.