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Small Breasted Women of the World: UNITE!Libertarian Girl seems to have either an inferiority complex or is a clever lefty mingling with the right-wingers. Her latest rants favoring a breast augmentation tax are both illogical and not libertarian at all, and her reasoning is so far left it just shook hands with Michael Moore before walking towards Karl Marx:

If women with breast implants have higher “self-esteem,” it’s only at the expense of other womens’ self-esteem which surely goes down when their breasts become smaller when compared with surgically augmented women.

Actually, this can be applied to many other taxes, which I will helpfully propose for the communist lurking within “Libertarian” Girl — why stop at a boob tax when you can solve all of the social problems associated with low self-esteem with simple taxation?:

A neighbor just bought a new Mercedes, which lowers my self-esteem because I have a Honda. Let’s tax him to make me feel better.

The kids down the street go to private school, which augments their intelligence more than public (free) school. Let’s tax their education to make the public school kids feel better about their inferiority.

Bob just got passed up for a promotion by Jim, so obviously Bob is feeling lowered self-esteem. To combat this, the company has decided to slash Jim’s hours, move his parking spot behind the dumpster and put him in a smaller office than Bob.

Wow, don’t we all feel better about our self-esteem now that we’ve made sure to compensate those who have more emotional needs by taxing those who work harder to fulfill their own?

Blimey, there must be a spectre haunting America, who can we turn to?

UPDATE: No Treason shreds LG too, saying “This would be middling funny if it were satire, but there seems little hope of that.” This funny comes from the comments: “She?Äôs the Ashlee Simpson of libertarians. Just as A.S. is not really a singer, this empty-headed Jeannie lookalike has no idea what libertarianism even is.” Damn, only a month old and already LG has jumped the shark. She better start fucking important people in D.C. stat and email Wonkette about it if she wants to extend her 15 minutes.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Two–Four’s commentary is classic: “Someone needs to take her by the hand, sit her cutesy little ass down, and tell her, ‘Now, honey, I know you’re as stupid as the day is long, but let me try to explain to you that ‘libertarians’ don’t go around suggesting that the government should pay reparations just because the lout down the bar leered at the stripper instead of you.’

Stephen VanDyke

I've published HoT along with about 300+ friends since 2002. We're all Americans who are snarky and love our country. I'm a libertarian that registered Republican because I like to win elections. That's pretty much it.

  1. “She” is trolling for links, hits, traffic, whatever. From the perky blond picture out a clothing catalog to the claims that statements made by Lincoln 4 years into the Civil War “prove” it was only about slavery to this latest thing about breast implants. I mean, could you pick a topic more guaranteed to generate traffic than breast implants? Come to think of it, time to go write a post…

  2. Stephen,
    Love you site, and think the LG is at best confused with her actual idealologies. That said, let her site rot by not diverting any more traffic to it than you already are. True libertarians shall not stand for her rubbish anymore.

  3. Tom,
    I’m beginning to think so myself. The tactic seems to be very similar to Hot Abercrombie Chick (mass linking) and the term “libertarian” was probably just convenient. I could probably start a blog dedicated to pointing out the fallacies of many of the things she posts about, but instead I’ll just pull my blogroll link to her (a rarity).

    What pisses me off is that it works. Sex sells, so she’s headed for A-list status, and here I am, Mr. Consistent Ideology, and I can’t catch a break. As wonkette would say: does this bitterness make my ass look big?