Liberty Films: Good Idea or Pipe Dream?

When I first received the e-mail from Bernard Von NotHaus, the founder of the liberty dollar, I thought this was a joke. From the e-mail:

Dear Fellow Liberty Dollar Supporters,

Swwooosh. During the 60s, Star Trek’s Captain Kirk and his crew took many of us to the “final frontier” to “explore new worlds” as they sought out new civilizations and developed deep thought-provoking plots. You didn’t have to be a “trekkie” to enjoy “the voyages of the starship Enterprise.” Now, Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols), Chekov (Walter Koenig) and members of the various Star Trek crews will star in Liberty Films, a new venture launched by the Liberty Institute and will feature Liberty Dollars!

Can you imagine, liberty themed movies using Liberty Dollars? Can you see yourself in such a movie? Can you contemplate the enormous impact when liberty based concepts are presented in a hip entertaining media like movies? While the message can be subtle, the impact is very strong. That is exactly what is happening.

Now, I’m a proud user of The Liberty Dollar and I was certainly a fan of Star Trek back in the day, but I’m a little skeptical for now. However, feel free to check out their website, Liberty Films and see what you think. They have a lot of actors from the old Star Trek series and they are already in production.

  1. uh…. they are like “old”. Think the new voters will even recognize these media sidekicks!?

    Personally I liked TNG much better, and Counselor Troy was always my main attraction! ;-) I’m thinking this idea is a flop… though I would LOVE to be proven wrong.

  2. That’s my feelings too. For some reason, I just can’t even imagine them being a cult hit… but I still commend them for trying. And if I’m proven wrong, I would actually be quite pleased.

    we’ll see, I’m sure I’ll get updates when they begin releasing a few.

  3. Well even aging actors have to eat and they might do something worth watching I’m a little sick of airbrushed bodies wandering around in movies devoid of talent I admit it’s been a while since I’ve seen any star trek but they have got some skills. But then there was that piece about vitamin B17 and cancer that’s just to far into Wackytown for me, I mean a cancer conspiracy are these guys serious?

  4. I looked at Liberty films website. I like Libertarian views, but I have never been a star trek fan. Why is Sky interlinking the two? The films they have in production do not appeal to me and sound silly.

    I would like to see honest court room drama with a libertatian spin. Can Liberty Films do that?